Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Little Things That She Needs

On Friday, Kas and I were invited to check out The Little Things That She Needs, which is a casual shoes and accessories store that recently opened on Level B3 of Ion Orchard (next to the Uniqlo store). TLTSN has seven stores in Jakarta and another one in Marina Square.

The store, which is currently featuring a Desert Safari-themed collection, had a wide range of shoes on display, from 'jelly'-type flats, strappy sandals, colorful platform espadrilles to glittery disco heels. The shoes are priced from S$19.90 to S$45.90.

At TLTSN, you can also customise your own "Funflops" by mixing and matching the soles and the straps in various colours.

The metal grip contraption that is used to fix the straps onto the soles of the Funflops.

The store also carries a wide range of costume jewellery, sunglasses and bags, all affordably priced from S$4.90 onwards.

Headbands galore for Blair Waldorf fans.

We got to pick our own Funflops so I settled on this Joker-inspired combination :-) It feels quite comfortable, good for wearing to the beach or to the pool.


FarahDean said...

Looks like a fun shop. Thanks for posting, will go check next wkend! :)

Autumn said...

Hi Haru!

I have an upcoming beauty event and I'd like to have your email so I can inform you on the details.


Haru said...

My email address is izuc77 [at]

Anonymous said...

I am impressed ~ interesting shop! Looking at all the flip flops makes me want to dress casual all of a sudden?