Thursday, 23 September 2010

Jill Stuart We Love Jill Mook and Spring November 2010

The Jill Stuart 世界中が We Love Jill mook finally arrived in Kinokuniya today! Priced at S$31, it is a bit pricey but still reasonable compared to the usual retail price of Jill Stuart makeup pouches. I also picked up the November issue of Spring(S$17.50) which comes with a Jill by Jill Stuart tote bag.

Whereas the make up case from the first Jill Stuart Beauty mook came with a separate mirror, this one comes with a ribbon charm accessory.

The pouch is made of polyester that feels like canvas and is less smooth to touch compared to the first mook case which had more of a satiny finish. Nevertheless, there are some nice touches like the brand name emblazoned in silver glitter.

The case is well-made with reinforced edges and does not feel flimsy like many of the pouches that are included in regular Japanese magazines. For those who are not familiar with the concept of a "mook", it is Japanese publishing lingo for "magazine book". It looks like a magazine but is usually devoted to a single brand, like a glorified catalogue of sorts.

Featuring a grand total of 14 interior slots/pockets and one external zip pocket, this should be sufficient for brushes and other makeup tools and products.

The 64-page mook includes a detailed feature on the current line-up of makeup products, interviews with Jill Stuart SAs in Japan, the Jill Stuart Fall/Winter 2010 runway show and raves by Japanese "power bloggers" and celebrities about the brand.

The new Blush Blossoms are also heavily featured, from the design and development process to how to apply the blushes.

Lindsey Wixson, the new model in the ad visual for the Blush Blossom.

The Jill by Jill Stuart tote bag that comes with the Spring magazine is not that special really although it is also quite well-made. The bag is made of cotton and polyester while the highly bendable rubbery Swati shoe charm is made of PVC.


Tracy said...

Bumped into you today at Kinokuniya, lovely purchases you have gotten! =)

Haru said...

Hi Tracy!
Thanks, hope you got some nice stuff too :-)

M said...

Hi Haru, is there alot of Jill Mook left?

Haru said...

There were many copies when I was there at about 7pm. If you go tomorrow (Friday), there should still be copies available.

makeupmag said...

Power bloggers, hehe!

Thanks for the heads up, dearie. If not for you, I doubt I would've been able to purchase the MQ and JS mooks. :)

makeupmag said...

I love the MQ print, by the way. It reminds me of the LSS beauty girl print. :D

D. said...

I just got my sis to grab me one from her conbini as all the ones near me are all sold out!!! can't wait for mine to arrive!!