Friday, 3 September 2010

Lancome Teint Miracle

Lancome will be debuting a new Teint Miracle liquid foundation this fall season. The ad campaign is fronted by Julia Roberts, her second for Lancome after the Virtuose Precious Cells mascara.

In Singapore, Teint Miracle is set to be launched first at Isetan on 17 September, followed by Robinsons and then in October at all counters. Right now, you can pick up a sample in a shade of your choice at any Lancome counter.

Retailing at S$65 for 30ml, ten years of research went into the making of this foundation. In the process, seven patents were also filed. The key innovation in Teint Miracle is that it helps to recreate skin's inner light for a natural, healthy aura. When light hits our skin, 5% of it is reflected, while 95% penetrates the skin of which 55% is absorbed and 40% is re-emitted at the surface. The pinkish light, which gives skin radiance, is diffused in the dermis when it comes into contact with collagen, while most of the blue light is absorbed by melanin and haemoglobin. When skin is tired, dry or aging, it looks less radiant because the light cannot reflect as well on the irregular surface. The inner light also loses intensity and purity as it is absorbed more by melanin, especially the blue components.

Teint Miracle helps to restore that inner aura through its patented Pink Bioptic and Blue Bioptic Pigments. The Pink Bioptic Pigment helps to restore radiance and healthy glow while the Blue Bioptic Pigment helps to restore purity and freshness. The foundation also contains "liquid micro-mirrors", which are five times smaller than the usual mother-of-pearl particles used in other foundations. These help to further boost surface radiance. The oil-free foundation thus helps to create a natural, flawless look.

In Singapore, Teint Miracle will be available in 7 shades, of which 5 are shown here (but I'll have swatches of 6 shades later in the post). The version sold in the US comes in 20 shades with SPF15 but the version sold in Asia actually has SPF16 and PA++ as the Asian version is formulated and manufactured in Japan. Hence, the shade names in the Asian version follows the usual categories of "O=Ochre", "BO=Beige Ochre" and "PO=Pink Ochre". Beige Ochre has more yellow tones than Ochre, while Pink Ochre contains more pink tones.

BO-01 and BO-02 are the lightest shades in the line-up while O-03 is the shade that will suit most ladies with a fair skintone.

Here are the swatches. The texture is very light and can be layered for more coverage. There is also a light rose fragrance.

Lancome will also be launching a new Natural Light Creator Bare Skin Perfecting Corrector Pen (S$56, 2.5ml) which helps to illuminate, smooth and conceal. This will be available in three shades.

You can read detailed reviews of Teint Miracle on Shine, Shimmer & Sparkle and The Make-up Blogette. I'll post a more detailed review after I've tried out the foundation and corrector pen. In the meantime, don't forget to head to your nearest Lancome counter to pick up a sample of Teint Miracle foundation! If you have tried it, do let me know in the comments what you think about it.


Ling said...

This reminds of Dior nude natural hydrating foundation to reveal the fair radiance look, light, soft and naturale look that radiates aura..

June said...


I think I saw you yesterday at L'Oreal office during lunchtime.
Not too sure about that so I didnt say hi.

Anw have fun playing with your new items..

Ivy Low said...

thanks Iris..I'll head to the stores this weekend to try and get a sample to try =)

Haru said...

Hi June,
Yup, I was there with Mag to meet with the Lancome staff to learn about Teint Miracle :)

Hi Ivy,
Good luck with trying the sample, do let me know how it works out for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi :) Do you think shade 0-04 will suits those with NC35 skintone?

Haru said...

O-04 is quite close to NC35 but it's best to go to the counter to get matched, as foundation shades can be very tricky and work differently on different skintones.

Anonymous said...

Need help!! :O Which of these can fit an NC20 in mac, yellow, not orange undertones. Does it oxidise a lot?

Haru said...

It doesn't oxidize on me. My guess is that you can try O-01 if it is available where you live. The Ochre shades are neutral whereas the Beige Ochre shades have a yellow undertone. Do note that the shades in the US are differently labelled from the shades in Asia.

Anonymous said...






Haru said...

hi Deepti,
Have you checked with the Lancome counters in Delhi to see if this is available there? I'm afraid I don't know of any websites selling Teint Miracle foundation that ship to India.