Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Driving rant

My dear husband has been on the receiving end of my vehement "men SUCK" rants for the past couple of days as I've just been annoyed to no end by male drivers. Since getting my driving license just over a year ago, it seems like the roads in Singapore are overrun by pompous, impatient, self-absorbed nitwits. And they are invariably men. I like the independence that driving affords me but the experience in Singapore is often marred by these idiots. My pet peeves:

1. Men who tailgate you when you're already driving above the speed limit.

2. Men who think it's perfectly fine to cut in just before the divider of a highway exit

3. Men who don't turn on their headlights

4. Men who blind you with their lights on high beam

5. Men who come speeding around a sharp corner into your lane

6. Men who weave in and out at high speed

7. Men who think their Mercedes/Lexus/BMW can compensate for having small *cough* organs, and even punier brains

Sooner or later, you're just roadkill, mate.


Lizzy said...

ohh trust me, they're like this in the UK too! And probably everywhere else in the world ;) x

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you; which is why i don't drive on a daily basis--i'll probably have a sudden stroke one day! i don't know about gender, since impatient drivers make me very angry! in any case, i believe the way out of this is to be just as aggressive on the roads as well--i NEVER give way even if the other car tailgates or comes VERY VERY close to me; if i need to switch lanes, i WILL move very VERY close to you if you refuse to give way...the other car almost always give up as nobody wants to damage his car, it's just a matter of who can go further. yes, i'm an impatient, aggressive driver, but i'm usually 100% cool if everyone just exercise some patience as well! obviously, i (and most rational drivers i'd imagine) am not switching lanes for fun! --stella

shopaholic said...

and those MEN who ungraciously cut into your lane right after you have signaled.

and those MEN who love to honk at you even you gave a gracious cut into his lane.

and yes, especially those MEN in huge continental cars, trucks, vans and taxis!

low and behold, there are also those MEN who simply love to hog the right lane at 80km/h or below and wouldn't budge.

Jayne said...

I share the same sentiments! :)

Hazelnutt said...

i believe that you can tell the character of a man by the way he drives :)
no matter how nice and patient a date may be, when he takes to the wheel, it will give me a clear indication on who he really is.

AhCapp said...

I got my licence from UK 10 years ago but I never drive. The reason being the roads In Singapore are filled with impatient drivers, be it men or women. And the men like to complain about women drivers most of the time. Yes, we women can be indecisive or slow when it comes to driving but men are equally bad with their tail-gating, impatience and irresponsible speeding.

I just let my Hubby drive me to work or I take public transport. I rather listen to my iPod or read than to be stressed out by lousy drivers on the road. :(((

Lali Amora Beauty Blog said...

Girl, you said it just right. It's funny though because here in Texas the ones with the most roadrage are women. I mean, yes, once in a while I'll see men like the ones you have in singapore but most of the time it is women! haha. I hate those kinds of drivers...I have to be more careful now because I have my newborn baby in the car too :)

pf1123 said...

Yes....1 more...Goondo men who signal left and turn right.

MatryoshkaDoll said...

Lol, same here in the US! Only because we tend to have larger cars, we have these idiots (all men of course) who drive these massive raised trucks. These are trucks that have been lifted extra high and have huge tires. They are all over the place where I live in CA.

Oh, and another pet peeve of mine - parking lot aholes! People who aren't looking when they back out, or people who take up two parking spots at once - they make me stabby.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes male drivers... suck, especially the cabbies & pickups... not trying to b stereotyped here.


Anonymous said...

I had never learn to drive partly becos of all those reckless & impatient drivers in Singapore & also I am hopeless in telling directions. Whenever I am travelling by buses in Singapore, you always see out of the windows car drivers honking one another almost on every stretch of the road due to all sorts of reasons.

annie said...

Girls tend to tailgate over here, it just makes me drive slower LOL
But definitely my #1 pet peeve..
And to add another, people who dont indicate at all then suddenly turn at roundabouts!!!

BV said...

I so agree!!! I feel like getting a bumper sticker with the words "if you can read this you are tailgating" on it. It is one of my personal peeves and so dangerous. To cement my hatred this stupid (male) mofo rear ended me last year!!! I seriously hate driving. I'm back to public transport 90% of the time and that has it's problems but seriously, I hate driving SO MUCH now.

Sharon said...

For your point #1,tailgate us even when we drive over the speed limit.. ( last time, my aunt told me in order to deal with this type of guys, she stepped onto the brake suddenly and the driver was so scared that he changed lane.)

But I don't dare to try out this method... even though its not my fault totally if the driver bang onto my car..cause he was obviously tailgating too closely. I can come up with an excuse saying I saw something dash across so have to e-brake..

Sometimes even on the outer lane driving at 110km/hr also got people tailgate.. I have no choice but to give way to them..I am those courteous driver ( aka kiasi, Ka-you driver)..LOL

D. said...

LOL - I do experience all this, only with drivers of minivans, be they men or women. Actually, mostly women O.O :X I know I shouldn't laugh since reckless driving is a serious matter, but this is a hilarious post and I love it!