Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Lush Holiday 2010

Several Japanese blogs have started reporting on the Lush holiday collection. The collection will be released on 28 October in Japan. This year's theme is "Lush Christmas World Tour" with products inspired by the holiday traditions of various countries.

Mandarin Tea Party soap (UK). Satsumo Santa will also make a re-appearance.

Ginger Cookie

Noriko Soap

Matrushka Sisters

The Wonderful Christmas gift set which costs a whopping 21080yen (about US$250)!

The pics above are from With magazine and FANet. Check out more pics on OL Cosme Nikki, Motosuke Part 1 and Part 2, and There is also a big blue soap called "Snow Dome".

Definitely a collection to look forward to!

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Ivy Low said...

I was thinking that it'll smell really good in the stores! It's a waste we don't have them in SG anymore. Thanks for up-ing my lemming for Lush Xmas products!!