Sunday, 12 September 2010

Lancome Teint Miracle Liquid Foundation

After trying out the Lancome Teint Miracle liquid foundation for the past week, overall it was a positive experience.

Teint Miracle is for ladies who want a natural, healthy look with that glow from within. Strangely, the SPF is not printed on the box or the bottle but according to the Lancome Japan website, it has SPF15 and PA++. In Singapore, it will retail at S$65 for 30ml (whereas Lancome's Blanc Expert Mineral White-Reviving Liquid Foundation costs S$75 for 25ml).

The US version comes in in 20 shades but the Asian version is made in Japan and comes in only 7 shades. The Asian shades are divided into Pink Ochre, Ochre and Beige Ochre as shown in the chart below. Beige Ochre has more yellow tones whereas Pink Ochre has more pink tones. O-03 proved to be a very good match for my MAC NC25 skintone.

You can see the swatches in my earlier post. I like the elegant glass packaging of Teint Miracle (but those with butter fingers beware!). The pump is easy to control and excellent for hygiene purposes. I usually use just slightly more than half a pump. If you prefer to apply with a foundation brush or sponge, you will probably need more than that.

Here's the ingredients list. Alcohol denat is listed as the third ingredient but I didn't find the foundation to be drying on my skin. The foundation is oil-free and contains about 40% water, which is twice that of average foundations.

Teint Miracle provides sheer to medium coverage. It performed well in evening out my skintone, covering up the redness and reducing the appearance of my pores, especially on my forehead and nose. But it's not heavy duty enough to completely conceal the dark spots on my cheeks. The finish is on the slightly dewy side. In terms of oil control, it was average and I had to blot every couple of hours. But even over more than 12 hours of wear, the foundation did not cake or streak or start to pool in my pores even when T-zone became oily. After using an oil blotting sheet, it looked fresh again.

I also liked the ease of application of Teint Miracle. Using my fingertips proved to be the easiest way of applying it. It spreads smoothly and evenly, and allows enough time for blending before it sets. The texture is a light cream, not too watery but also not heavy or dense.

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Teint Miracle will be launched first at Isetan on 17 September, followed by Robinsons and then on 1 October at all counters in Singapore. Don't forget that you can pick up a sample in a shade of your choice at any Lancome counter during September!


Anonymous said...

Went to Tampines Isetan... The SA said no sample...

Haru said...

I've passed on the feedback to Lancome. They are supposed to have samples of the foundation during this month. Other readers have been able to get samples at the counters in Orchard Road, so perhaps you can try another counter?

Ivy Low said...

Hey Iris, could it be the Alcohol denat which gives off the alcohol smell? Does yours smell of alcohol when you pump it out babe?

Anonymous said...

i got my sample from Scotts Istean, the SA helped me to match my colour and gave me a nice container with sample enough for 2-3 usage.


pf1123 said...

I like this foundation on you. Its very nice!

My friend had her first experience shopping in Taipei recently. She was amazed by the amount of samples they give her. That lead her to suspect/speculate that the local SAs sell the samples they were given for the customers.

Haru said...

hi Ivy,
I don't smell any alcohol when I pump out the foundation.

hi pf1123,

neko said...

I'm very curious about the shades. In HK where I live, our version is made in Japan too but the shades are different. I didn't remember all the names, but there're shades like P-01 and OC-015 where P-01 is the pink-based lightest shade. I didn't notice the shade BO-01 in our Lancome boutique here :X

Rachel said...

This foundation looks really glowy on you and very natural! Pity i'm allergic to denatured alcohol in face products :(

Hannah said...

Hey Iris, what are the liquid foundations you own? Which are your favourites and why?

Unknown said...

Hi Hara
You've tried Lunasol modeling liquia foundation, right?

I heard good things about this 2 foundation - I want to buy a foundation that look like your skin but better- not cakeky

what do you recommend? Lancome, lunasl or other?

thanks :]

Haru said...

I don't have any Lunasol foundations so I can't say how they compare to the Lancome Teint Miracle. I have tried samples of Lunasol's foundations before but don't really remember how they were like, or which specific foundations they were. Teint Miracle is suitable for ladies who don't want to look like they are wearing a lot of makeup as the finish is very natural. But if you need a lot of oil control or coverage, Teint Miracle is not that great in these two areas (although you can always use a mattifying primer or separate concealer).