Thursday, 16 September 2010

Upcoming Mooks

Here's the list of upcoming mooks ("magazine books") by various fashion and beauty brands. All the mooks are published in Japan by Takarajima.

21 September: Mary Quant 40th Anniversary in Japan

30 September: A Bathing Ape 2010 Winter Collection

1 October: X-girl 2010 Winter Collection

5 October: Anteprima 2010-11 Autumn/Winter collection, L'est Rose

7 October: Rope Picnic 2010 Autumn/Winter Collection, Tommy/tommy girl 2010 Fall & Winter Collection

9 October: Nimes NIMES 2010 Autumn/Winter Collection

12 October: Yves Saint Laurent

BAPE KIDS by a bathing ape 2010 Winter Collection
Fred Perry Autumn/Winter 2010
Porter 2010 Autumn/Winter Perfect Book

Late October
HbG 2010 Autumn/Winter in two versions, We Love Cameron and Graffiti Sunshine
Agete Winter 2010


Ninni said...

I have question: Does Mary Quant still exist as a makeup-brand in Asia? I haven't seen it in Europe since the 80's.

Haru said...

Yes, the makeup line exists in Japan with many stores.

makeupmag said...

The MQ bag is MINE! :D Thanks so much for posting this!

makeupmag said...

Wish I had access to MQ makeup...