Sunday, 5 September 2010

Upcoming Japanese Magazines Freebies

Here's a preview of the upcoming Japanese magazines freebies. The release dates listed below are for Japan so please check directly with Kinokuniya if you wish to know when they will arrive in Singapore. Kino's air shipments usually arrive on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Steady (7 September): October issue comes with Rebecca Taylor mini tote (17x25x10cm). See the video clip here.

InRed (7 September): October issue comes with a pair of Marc Jacobs Daisy zip pouches. See the video clip here.

Sweet (11 September): October issue comes with large Cher tote bag (31x41x13cm). See the video clip here.

Cutie (11 September): October issue comes with accessory and drawstring pouch.

Baila (11 September): October issue comes with Anya Hindmarch polka dotted cotton scarf

Nonno (18 September): next issue comes with to b. by agnes b. large tote bag (28x45.5x11.5cm)

Mina (18 September): November issue comes with And A clutch bag

Maquia (22 September): November issue comes with Kanebo Dew Superior Repair Mask Duo and tulle hair accessory.

Biteki (22 September): November issue comes with four Pola BA skincare samples and a hair scrunchie.

Voce (22 September): November issue comes with RMK Concent Cream and hair turban

Ray (22 September): November issue comes with Jewelna Rose rabbit fur charm

More (28 September): November issue comes with Paul & Joe Sister bag and pouch set

25ans (28 September): November issue comes with Christian Louboutin shoes bag

Seventeen (1 October): November issue comes with HbG hair accessory

Mini (1 October): November issue comes with Head Porter Plus drum bag

Looks like we're really spoilt for choice this month!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I am so looking forward to these! So cute!:)

Anonymous said...

omg Haru... you are making us very busy remembering all the magazines release dates:) I definitely heart the marc jacobs ones as I'm a huge fan of marc jacobs... before marc jacobs arrived on our shores, I would have my fix on marc jacobs whenever I travel to Hong Kong. Thanks for the wonderful update, it is really helpful.


shopaholic shopper said...

Hi Iris,

I just wanted to drop by as I saw you about 2 weeks back at Kinokuniya NAC. I spotted you as you was carrying your Kate Spade bag, but I was too shy to come up to say Hi to you. Very Pretty!

Just wanted to say because of you blog, I am getting more makeup and very useful information.

Thank you for this wonderful blog which is my daily read!

kenji_sugizo said...

For this week shipment it will be here on Wednesday and thursday due to a public holiday.(Hari Raya)

Haru said...

hi shopaholic shopper,
Thank you, am glad to hear that you enjoy reading the blog :-)

FarahDean said...

WOW so many yummy freebies! You are a great source of info!!!

Ivy Low said...

Hey Iris!! OMG i love the marc jacobs pouch! great for xmas pressies too! any idea how much inRed and nonno's retailing? I rem S$19 for inRed? thanks!! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,

Have you ever tried the Dew Superior range before? Last year, the SA at Kanebo recommended the range to me when I was in Hong Kong. I was kind of worried that it might be too rich for Singapore weather... I wonder if it's any good!

Haru said...

I haven't tried the Dew Superior range as I think it's more for dry, mature skin whereas I have oily, acne-prone skin.

hi Ivy,
InRed is usually around S$19. Nonno should be cheaper though.

Miss C said...

Hi Haru, it's my first time trying to grab a magazine with a great GWP at Kino. So when you put the date, does it means that the mag will only be available on that date at Kino? And can we reserve the mag? Is this allowed? Sorry for the many qs, thanks :)

Haru said...

hi Ashlene,
Reservations are not allowed for Japanese magazines. The release dates in the blog post are for Japan. Kinokuniya Singapore usually brings in the magazines after Japan has released them. But if the release date for Japan falls on, Wednesday or Friday, which is when Kino gets its air shipments from Japan, then there is a very high chance that the magazines will arrive in the Kino stores here on the same day. If the magazine is released on a Monday/Tue in Japan, then probably it will arrive on Wed in Singapore. But this is subject to change so it's best to check directly with Kino on the exact date of release (as air shipments can be affected by holidays in Japan). The Kino store in Ngee Ann City usually posts on a noticeboard a list of the magazines arriving on Wed and Fri that week. You can also check

kenji_sugizo said...

Hi,In Red & Steady will arrive on Wednesday 08th September 2pm

Mooks Updates - MilkFed, W&C, Liz Lisa Mook will arrive on Wednesday also

Ivy Low said...

thanks Iris!!!i just called kino and apparently the shipment has yet to arrive..=)