Sunday, 5 September 2010

Kosé Seikisho Mask White

Kosé Seikisho Mask White is a peel-off mask that is supposed to help improve your skin’s clarity and radiance by removing dirt and impurities as well as suppressing melanin production. It contains herbal extracts such as coix seed, angelica, moutan bark, Japanese coptis and artemisia capillaris. It usually retails for S$35 for a 75ml tube, but I purchased this at half price during an earlier promotion in August.

As the instructions advise, applying a thick layer is key to helping the mask peel off in one neat piece. Also, do use a hairband to keep all your hair off your face as you don't want any of it to be trapped in the mask accidentally. Do take care to avoid your eyebrows and not to apply too close to the sensitive eye area. Kas told me that she had taken off a bit of her eyebrows while doing this mask!

The mask dried in about 20 minutes and felt a bit tight. Trying to roll up the edges of the mask proved to be somewhat tricky but once I picked up a corner, it was relatively easy to lift off the rest of the mask. It was easy in the sense that the rest of the mask came off in one smooth sheet (except for a few random bits) but definitely not easy in the terms of the ouch factor! This is definitely more painful than using a Biore nose strip as the tiny hairs on your face get tugged at when you pull off the mask. But I wasn't tearing so it's still bearable. My guess is that the more hirsute you are, the higher the pain factor. I have tried a similar peel-off mask by the Body Shop from their Tea Tree range but as it was quite painful, I ended up using it only a couple of times.

Reminds me of Edvard Munch's The Scream! After lifting off the mask, the random small bits that were left behind were easy to remove by just rubbing them off.

The mask mostly removed small skin flakes. I didn't see any pore clogs but my skin is relatively clear at the moment. After using the mask, my skin did look clearer and it definitely felt smoother to touch. I'll probably continue using this once a week but not sure if I will re-purchase it yet.


Anonymous said...

I had quite good experience (results) with this mask too, it really made my skin smoother and fairer. But I always find it a chore to wait 20 min for it to dry! It's so difficult to stay expressionless for 20 min!

Stella said...

I am using the 3rd bottle. It's great for removing black heads. I find it works better when you apply while the face is still a bit wet. And I would put a thicker layer, so it may take more than 20 minutes to dry.

Amy said...

This mask sounds appealing. I will have to try it one day.


Bakupaku said...

It's painful to peel off, but I like the after-peel cleaned face. My beautician recommends that I apply a bit of moisturiser at the edges of the face or near the eyebrowns. This makes the peeling more bearable. You may want to try Daiso's cheaper alternative to this, at $2 (White tube with black cap). I find the effects quite similiar.

FarahDean said...

I like this but I don't really use it weekly. Everytime I purchase, it is months before I finish mine. Tho it is so satisfying to yank so much grime off my face, I am too lazy to be religious abt this.

winterberry_gal said...

I have purchased KOSE after running out of Daiso's charcoal mask.

There are some differences for both masks:

KOSE's mask smells herbal, whereas Daiso's version has strong alcohol scent.

Both masks require a long period to dry completely. (more than 20mins for me)

KOSE has shiny texture surface after drying, Daiso does not.

KOSE is much easier to peel and also less painful than Daiso.
However Daiso's mask removes gunk more effectively than KOSE's.

I will still continue to use both masks.

KOSE is much milder I feel and it's suitable for frequent usage to curb oiliness.

However, I will use Daiso whenever I need a thorough clean-up.