Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Magazines Haul (AneCan, Steady, Marie Claire Taiwan)

Picked up a few magazines at Kinokuniya (Ngee Ann City) earlier this evening for the attractive freebies.

First up is the October issue of AneCan (S$20.20) which comes with a Juicy Couture "spa bag" and white plastic drawstring bag.

The spa bag has an unusual mesh bottom and a zipped middle compartment.

It's roomy enough to fit two novels.

I also picked up the October issue of Steady (S$16.70) which comes with a lace-print Rebecca Taylor small tote bag.

The bag is made of polyester and a pink inner lining.

Like the Juicy Couture spa bag, it has a zipped middle compartment.

The dimensions are very similar to the Juicy Couture spa bag.

Finally, I also got the September issue of Marie Claire (Taiwan) (S$14.60) as it comes with a Revlon Skinlights Bare It All Lotion 01 Buff Love (19g).

The ingredients list is printed in both Japanese and Chinese. According to the Revlon Japan website, this retails for 1890yen (about S$30) in Japan. The retail price in Taiwan is NT$520 (about S$22). Mix it with either foundation or moisturiser for a skin-perfecting glow. It can also be used on the décolletage. The expiry date is September 2011.

There were only about 5 copies of the Marie Claire left but more than 50 copies each of Steady and also InRed, which comes with two Marc Jacobs Daisy zip pouches.


makeupmag said...

And for those reading this, these gwps do not come with the items inside! ;)

Thanks for the mag heads up!

AtelierGal said...

I own that "Something Borrowed" novel too! ^^
The magazine that comes with the Marc Jacobs freebie came in today, I'm surprised you didn't get it.

Haru said...

I didn't get InRed because I have no use for the Marc Jacobs pouches. They're too small for me. I have the pair of Marc Jacobs pouches from their last collaboration with InRed, and never used them. Plus the magazine was quite expensive at S$20, so I decided to get AneCan instead for the Juicy Couture spa bag.

splattergirl said...

omg that Steady bag is so cute, I wish we had stuff with such cute freebies here in canada too! :)

Ling said...

Usually i found the GWP with magazine to be not so well made especially the handles of the bag, while the attractiveness is the brand label of the GWP . the label is usually flimsy, weak and easily "dropped off" when u put on table. may i know if the handle of the rebecca taylor, GWP of inred is sturdy at least to stand by itself without being too droopy?

i think, really the best GWP so far the betsy johnson makeup pouch in sept, forgotten what's the magazine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I'll make a trip down to kino and try my luck for Steady!:) am eyeballing the pink lace bag. It's cute!

Haru said...

Hi Ling,
The handles of the Rebecca Taylor bag do droop over. On the whole, I find the bag quite decent for a magazine supplement as the exterior is finished with a reflective surface, it has an inner lining and many pockets. It won't be as sturdy as a normal retail product of course but it's convenient as a lunch tote or bag-in-bag.

Ling said...

Thanks got it dear :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Haru? What's the red thing square-shaped thing that says "Juicy Couture" that's in the upper right corner of the first pic? Is it just the cardboard box that the GWP items come in?

Haru said...

It's just the cardboard box that the JC bag came in, it's in a red plastic bag.