Wednesday, 29 September 2010

With November 2010

When Yumeko of A Dream of Tokyo posted about the Samantha Thavasa card case that comes with the November issue of With (S$19.30), I knew that this was one magazine that I needed to track down pronto! Fortunately, I arrived at Kinokuniya this afternoon just in time to snag the sole remaining copy. I'm not sure why it ran out so fast as Kino usually brings in quite a large quantity of With. Anyway, Kino will probably re-stock as there is usually another sea shipment.

There is supposed to be a set of Lux haircare samples with this issue but there were none in the copy I got.

The print is a collaboration between Samatha Thavasa with Liberty and Hello Kitty. It's just too adorable with the Hello Kitty clutching strawberries and purple apples!

The case is made of cotton, polyurethan and PVC.

It is quite well-made with two slots.

Some of the bags from the Samantha Thavasa x Liberty x Hello Kitty collection. Most of the bags cost between US$200 to US$300+. I like the prints but not the stiff and bulky structure of these bags.

The next issue of With will come with a pair of Suzy's Zoo pouches. Due out on 28 October in Japan.


laetitia said...

i was kino this evening and there were stacks of With, stange that you didn't get haircare smaples with your mag though, mine was in the stiff cardboard in the middle of the magazine

kenji_sugizo said...

Haru, I think you should let them know tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Laetitia is right, there were plenty of With when I was there at 8pm. My copy has both the lux samples and card case.

Haru said...

Nah, it's alright, I'm not that keen on the haircare samples anyway!

Sophia said...

Oh wow, Hello Kitty! I live in the U.S. and I remember how huge Hello Kitty was like 12 years ago! Personally, I was more of a Pochaco fan :)

Ling said...

Yes, i agreed, really no big deal just some haircare sample only

anyway, i think i am more upset over this freebie because the real Samantha Thavasa has the brand print "Samantha Thavasa " but for this freebie, they do "ST" ..i have the actual Samantha Thavasa card case and they printed in full. hmm, i mean they can be more true with the brand isn't with the actual brand print than just ST. i thought what Straits Times hahahaha

Anonymous said...

When is kinokuniya restocking the nov issue of with

Haru said...

I don't know, you should call Kino to ask.