Sunday, 5 September 2010

RMK Nail Color EX P-21

Tried out my new RMK Nail Color EX P-21 Deep Purple Rose from the Autumn Brown collection.

I like RMK nail polishes as they apply very smoothly and do not streak or clump when layered. The shade is an elegant deep purple plum that is perfect for the fall season. It took just two coats to achieve a nice opacity. The shade is creamy with a lovely shine (but no shimmer), even before applying the top coat.

The limited edition nail polish is a tad pricey at S$25 for 12ml but worth every penny!


Anonymous said...

Hi Iris! *waves*
not sure if u still remember me.. been mostly a silent reader for your blog. =)

very pretty shade for fall! very tempting!


Haru said...

Hey Jazzie,
Yes, I recognise the nick from CC :-) Thanks for reading!

Kathi said...

Love that color so much I just ordered one for myself =D