Saturday, 18 September 2010

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes #101

In Taiwan, the department stores hold "anniversary events" in the last quarter of the year during which they put out many promotional sets and items. Among those being released this year is this limited edition Jewel Crystal Eyes #101. This is not being shown on either the Jill Stuart Hong Kong or Japan websites, so perhaps it is exclusive to Taiwan.

You can see the full list of anniversary items on the Jill Stuart Taiwan website under "News".


Sheila said...

Gah... not pleased with this info. Although I'm not exactly a fan of the colour combo, I'm just a little ticked that they would offer something so LE like this, especially just to ONE geographical area.


Anonymous said...

hi haru,

hw much any idea?


Haru said...

It costs NT$1450 in Taiwan, which is about US$46. Jill Stuart products are actually cheaper in Taiwan and Hong Kong than Japan, despite being made in Japan as the yen is so high right now.

shopaholic said...

hmm... this palette looks appealing to me! thanks for the heads up :)

ashura said...

This is so pretty~~ Why not launch in Hong Kong as well? Sigh~ Jill Stuart palettes are really sparkly and pretty!