Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Shu Uemura Holiday 2010

FANet has posted more pics and details on the Shu Uemura holiday collection. The Dreamcoaster (Premium Edition) lashes will retail for 5250yen, the Peace & Harmony Mini Brush Set is 6825yen and the High Performance Cleansing Oil Advanced Classic is 2940yen for 150ml.

It's a pity that this adorable traincase is not for sale. It's a promotional item, like the Tsumori Chisato traincase that Shu Uemura produced last year in only 25 units. The Shu flagship store at Ion had an auction for the Tsumori Chisato traincase where you had to spend S$500 just to be able to place a bid and the traincase went to the highest spender. Hopefully there won't be such an absurd scheme again this year.

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poseylass said...

Hello Haru,
I actually bought the Tsumori Chisato traincase in Xmas 2008 and I understood that they were more than 25 of them (from what they told me).
And ditto, I think that scheme of bidding is just another way to dig more money from consumers...