Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter

With the recent debut of Soap & Glory in the Sephora stores in Singapore, I decided to try out The Righteous Butter, which my mother had brought back from the UK a few months ago.

This is a 50ml travel size from the Soaper Heroes set. The regular full size is 300ml and retails for £9.79 in the UK. I'm not sure of the price in Singapore but in general, the prices of Soap & Glory products in Singapore are not that much more expensive compared to the UK.

Several reviews on MakeupAlley have commented that the scent is very similar to Dior Miss Cherie perfume, and indeed it is. I love the sweet scent which is not too cloying or generic for me. Soap & Glory's Girligo Spray-on Body Moisturising Mist also has the same scent.

As I've gotten older, my legs in particular have become horribly dry. I've found the Body Shop's Body Butters to be too greasy while the Body Puree is not moisturising enough. The Righteous Butter strikes the Goldilocks balance for me. It absorbs wells and makes my skin very soft and smooth without any oily film. When I wake up the next morning, my skin is still in the same soft state without any dry patches.

The texture is a thick cream, similar to Body Shop's Body Butters but the Righteous Butter absorbs much better. After I finish this, I'd defnitely consider picking up the full size.

Shea butter is second on the ingredients list, which does include parabens.

Love the small jokes on the box! Another tagline not shown here is "At Soap & Glory, we believe you shouldn't have to spend an arm and a leg to moisturize one". How true!


Lynn said...

Thanks for the review! Love body shop lotions, but i agree that they don't absorb very well. I've been contemplating whether or not to get Dior's Miss Cherie (cause of the hefty price tag) and you've helped me in finding a more affordable alternative :)

Kas said...

Girligo smells like Miss Cherie? Ok, now I need to sniff miss Cherie :D

Anonymous said...

I had to agreed that the Body Shop's Body Butters are way too greasy for me, although I did stock up on the Blueberry Body Butter earlier this year when they were only going for SGD9.90 each. Thanks for the review. I will head down to Sephora to check out their products.

Janice said...

Hi Haru,

So tempted to give this a try after reading your review. How do you think this compares with steam cream (which I'm now using) though?

Haru said...

hi Janice,
I find the Righteous Butter has a thicker texture than Steam Cream but Righteous Butter is more moisturising. The two creams have very different scents. You should try out the Righteous Butter at Sephora before deciding whether to purchase. Also, Righteous Butter is more affordable as you get a lot more product for a lower price compared to Steam Cream.