Saturday, 13 February 2010

Alexander McQueen

Yet another luminous star in the fashionverse has been lost with the suicide of Alexander McQueen, age only 40. To catch a glimpse of his heartbreakingly beautiful art, just watch the video below from the 0:37 mark.

The only Alexander McQueen item I own is, naturally for a makeup addict , MAC x Alexander McQueen New Vegas Mineralize Skinfinish which was released back in Fall '07.

It's a pale gold glittery mess that I've used only once or twice. Probably won't use it again as it is now tinged with the pathos of his passing.


Tracy said...

awww that little teddy is cute!

Furry Guy! said...

That's Berrypuppy!!! Mwaaak!

Anonymous said...

It's so sad that a person is lost to suicide. May we be more attentive and compassionate to the people around us be it our loved ones or strangers. Sometimes a simple smile or kind words helps to give hope or consolence etc to someone who is depressed etc that there are people who cares about them and they are not alone to face the whatsoever difficulties in life.

Anonymous said...

wow that sounds incredibly insensitive.