Sunday, 28 February 2010

Tokidoki Watercolor

This post is for Justine of Sakuras & Sunshine who shares my love of all things Tokidoki :-) I received an email alert from the Play Imaginative store at Iluma mall informing that the new Watercolor collection is in.

Dropped by the store to check them out yesterday but ended up passing on them because of the ugly plasticky pink trim around the edges of several of the bags, especially the Incontro and Elegante bags. The trim just spoilt the bags for me. The thinner strap material, I can still barely put up with but the cheap-looking plasticky trim is a deal-breaker.

You can see the Watercolor Nobile bag in the centre of the display under the baby pink bag. The print itself is quite cute thanks to the cheerful mix of colours even though I'm not a fan of the Tokidoki girls. Hope Tokidoki listens to the negative feedback from its long-time customers regarding the recent bag releases and returns to the quality of the LeSportSac years.


. : * justine * : . said...


Singapore really is getting the new bags a lot faster!! I am actually not sure WHERE to get them in Canada now as the one retailer that had them reliably closed down... and then re-opened but with less 'designer' brands. The watercolour print looks pretty though! I think I like Cartolina more, but if I could get the bags cheaply, I'd definitely want both. Except for the cheap trim :S. I too hope that Simone Legno is reading all the unhappy customer reviews, though I think the forum is a bit biased - like I feel strange saying that I really do like SOME of the more recent prints (Geometric Girl, Portofuna, etc).

Haru said...

hi justine,
I'm quite surprised that we're getting them faster than anywhere else. There are some bag styles that have less of the cheap trim, like the Fascio tote, but the Elegante duffel bag has it all around the sides, which was just horrible. That's a pity 'cos the Elegante style is quite popular.