Saturday, 6 February 2010

Urban Decay Master Class

Urban Decay International Makeup Artist Eric Jimenez conducted the first master class at Sephora Ion on Friday evening. I attended with the lovely Mag from and had a thoroughly enjoyable time as Eric was immensely entertaining and simply over-flowing with makeup technique tips and information about UD's products.

The class area was in the middle of the store and there were about 12 ladies attending in total. Other Sephora customers also ended up gathering around to listen to Eric.

Testers that were provided for the class.

The goodie bag that we received for signing up for the class (there was a S$75 fee, that was fully redeemable for products).

The mini Gash lipstick is adorable, even without the signature dagger on the cap!

Pocket Rocket Lipglosss in Doug (2.66ml)

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Rockstar and Stash

Pics of some of the displays. The UD counter was very crowded throughout the time that we were there, which is great as I hope it will encourage UD to bring in even more of their product range into Singapore. Being the purple fiend that I am, just the sleek packaging alone makes me want to haul the entire counter!

Although the Alice in Wonderland palette was not yet in stock, there were several other great palettes on offer such as the Ammo, Deluxe Shadow Box, Sustainable Shadow Box (all S$63 each). The new Stardust eyeshadow range and Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder were also available.

The famed Primer Potion was also in stock in all three shades (original, Sin and Eden) at S$32 each.

I came home with the Deluxe Shadow Box, Surreal Skin Cream to Powder in Nirvana, Confession Lipstick and Mink Liquid Liner.

UD is giving away an incredibly generous GWP worth S$145 with purchase of any 2 items. There is no minimum purchase amount which means you can even purchase two sharpeners (S$15 each) to get the GWP. [Edited to add: Turns out you can't buy 2 sharpeners for the GWP.] The GWP includes samples of the original Primer Potion, Sin Primer Potion, Skyscraper Multi-benefit mascara (sample size), 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Electric and Covet (sample sizes), Clean & Sober Oil Free Makeup Remover (100ml), Midnight Cowboy and Goddess eyeshadows.

The eyeshadows are full size. These retail for S$30 normally.

I'm looking forward to using my new 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils which are hugely popular among the beauty blogosphere and MakeupAlley!


makeupmag said...

Hello! Thanks for the lift home. :) I had a wonderful time chatting with you.

And I love your close-ups of the gwps. They look incredible!

Haru said...

Wow, you get notified of the new post so fast! I had a really great time, looking forward to the next one :-) I have so many new UD lovelies to play with this weekend, don't know where to start!

makeupmag said...

No, no, I just happened to come on to see if you'd posted! ;) I think I'll write about the class tomorrow, haha!

Jessy said...

Thanks for posting this Haru! That's a really good GWP..super worthy~

CherryColors said...

Babe I'm so jelaous! We don't have Sephora here not to dream about Urban Decay, and the Sephora next country doesn't hold UD! :<
Hopefully one day Slovenia will be big enough to open a Sephora center!

But congrats on the all lovely items and new learned stuff, it's amazing!

Haru said...

hey Tamara,
Thanks for stopping by! I never thought that Sephora would open in Singapore too since we are such a small country of 5 million people. Urban Decay is a superb brand and they seem to be steadily expanding their presence across several countries. Hope one day you'll get UD/Sephora in Slovenia too!

Hi Jessy,
The GWP is awesome! I haven't seen such a generous GWP for UD even in the US although the US gets discounts from time to time, like the Friends & Family 30% discount.

Kathi said...

Wow, that´s what I call a GWP! You must have really had a lot of fun there =D Looking forward to your EOTDs with your new goodies! =D

Vonvon said...

It sure sounds like a great master class, and very generous of them to offer such GWPs. The eyeshadows and the 24/7 liners are so pretty....those in the goodie bag and that of the GWPs too.

I wish I could go to Singapore now!

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,
It was the most fun and educational class that I've ever attended! Eric has an amazing personality and absolutely no airs at all, which I found to be really impressive. And yes, the GWP was stunning!

hi Vonvon,
I was quite surprised too by the generous GWP! Other brands in Singapore usually give you just a few deluxe samples and you usually have to spend over S$100. But there were three full size products in this GWP and several deluxe samples.

Anonymous said...

Hi did u actually ask the SA if we can buy 2 sharpeners for the GWP? I went to the outlet at Taka and apparently they don't allow that. I argued with them and asked why mention "no minimum purchase" if u don't allow us to purchase 2 sharpeners? ridiculous.

Haru said...

I didn't ask if they will give the GWP for purchase of two sharpeners, but my friend did buy a sharpener as part of her 2-item purchase to qualify for the GWP. It's also not stated anywhere that sharpeners are excluded. I can understand why they would not allow it but they should have stated it upfront.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the SA told me that we r only allowed to buy one sharpener. When I went on the 4th, I bought the udpp but no one told me about this promo. :( I'll probably try my luck again. Thks for the heads up. :)

Paui =) said...

Thanks for the tip! :-) I bought 2 eyeliners, in bourbon and rockstar.
The freebie makes it soooo worth it!

Vonvon said...

Hi Haru,

It's me again. I managed to get my aunt to help me buy 2 24/7 glide on pencils and got the GWPs. Thanks so much again for sharing this with us. It's really really worth it. :D

P.s. Sharpeners were already out of stock in the ION store on Sat evening.

Haru said...

hey Vonvon,
That's great to hear! The eyeliners are truly excellent, I'm sure you'll enjoy the stuff :-)

Geri said...

Hi Haru,

Just want to say thank you for sharing this great promo. I've been always reading your blog. And thanks to your posting, I got a good deal at UD :) Keep up your postings!

Juschev said...

Apparently, they've changed the GWP rules. Seems like you have to purchase over $120 to qualify for one.

Haru said...

hi Juschev,
Yes, I've read about the change in rules on other blogs. Guess it was too good a deal to last for long!

Juschev said...

Yeah, I had thought it was too good a deal to last but thanks to you and Mag, I managed to snag mine before the change *evil laugh*;P