Wednesday, 17 February 2010

MAC Spring

Here is the price list for MAC's forthcoming Spring Colour Forecast collection, according to Catalog magazine:

Blush Ombre S$44
Crush Metal Pigment stack S$60
Nail Lacquer S$19
Lipstick/lipglass S$28
Eyeshadow S$26
Creations Fragrance S$42

The best place for seeing swatches of the collection is


Anonymous said...

hey! I wonder why the prices varies a wee bit from what was stated in Seventeen magazine.

I posted it out here :)

Have always loved your blog!

Haru said...


Thanks! I was surprised that they listed the Plush Lash mascara as S$65 too, which is why I did not include it in the blog post. But guess at least it gives us an idea of how much the Blush Ombres and Crush Pigment Stacks will cost in Singapore, which I think most people will be interested in.