Saturday, 27 February 2010

Jill Stuart Upcoming Releases

Here's the list of upcoming new products from Jill Stuart. The release dates are for Japan.

1. Extra Volume Mascara (2 April): Volumising and separating film-type mascara with a slim comb applicator. Can be easily removed with warm water. (3150yen)

2. Mix Blush Compact (16 April): two limited edition shades (4725yen)

3. Body Protector (7 May): Formulated with gold and silver pearl and three UV blocking ingredients. SPF50, PA++ (2940yen, 50ml)


Sheila said...

Hey! Where did you find information about the LE mix blush compacts? I was trying to find out anything about it but can't =(

Let me know, thanks so much!

. : * justine * : . said...

Okay, so I am still not 'caught up' with the Mix Blushes, but I'm definitely going to Prioritize these two new ones if they're LE... at least as long as the colours look nice, anyway! Since I have no way to test them in person :P

Haru said...

hi Sheila,
The info is from Voce magazine's website.

Hi Justine,
I'm actually getting quite bored with the Mix Blush Compacts as the shades are all starting to look too similar when applied. It's the prettiest blush packaging of any brand out there though but I wish they would do something different like a more shimmery blush for once.

. : * justine * : . said...

I find it kind of funny that considering the level of shimmer in ... pretty much all the products that the Mix Blushes are so matte. I would love to see shimmery shades (and more 'playful' colours - like purple!)

Sadly I am still a sucker for packaging and LE stuff so I will likely still want these even if they ARE similar to stuff in my stash XD;

Sheila said...

Hey Iris, I totally agree with you that the mix blush compacts are starting to look exactly the same now. Thats why I didn't get any of the ones from the spring collection although they looked really appealing...