Thursday, 25 February 2010

Coffret D'Or Summer 2010

Coffret D'Or will release its "Pastel Pop" and "Impact Shine" -themed Summer 2010 collection on 1 May in Japan. It includes:
1. Curving Impact Mascara

2. Liquid Gel Liner (WP): pen-type gel liner in 3 shades

3. Premium Shine: 5 shimmery eyeshadow singles formulated with "rainbow shine pearl"

4. Jewel Light Nail Colour: 8 limited edition shades

5. Jewel Mode Top Coat

It's interesting to see Coffret D'Or taking a leaf out of Maquillage's playbook with the embossing of the brand name on the surface of the eyeshadows. The two brands are close competitors as Kanebo's and Shiseido's mega drugstore brands. Some of you may recall that a few years ago, Kanebo stopped promoting Revue and T'estimo to launch Coffret D'Or while Shiseido stopped promoting Proudia and Pieds Nus to launch Maquillage.

Here's the new TV CM featuring Kou Shibasaki and the new Lasting Power Pact and Lasting Power Stay Fix UV.


Ahcapp said...

Very nice collection! :)) Perfect for the summer!

Kathi said...

The collection looks certainly very pretty however I think I wouldn´t get happy with those pastels so probably I´ll skip Coffret D´or this year =)

Anonymous said...

what is the pricing like at the korres ion store? is the markup high?
is it better to buy from

Haru said...

The prices at the Korres Ion store are quite marked up, compared to the US prices, by at least 30%? But I'm not sure how much you would save by buying from, as you'll have to factor in the shipping costs. The USA Korres website also has lots of special deals, gift sets and GWPs or codes from time to time, which are super worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Firstly I would like to say a big 'thank you' for providing all make-up fans with so much info about cosmetics :) And I was wondering whether you know if Singapore's Coffret D'or counters have their LP Soft Gel Foundation? I've been wanting to get that very much after reading reviews on that..
Many thanks in advance!!