Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Paul & Joe Wild Flowers Launch

The Paul & Joe SA at Isetan Scotts called me earlier today to inform that the Wild Flowers collection had just launched, together with the new line of eyeshadow singles. (The Alice in Wonderland collection is expected to arrive only in late February or March.) To my delight, there is also a new GWP brush roll pouch with the purple flower print with purchase of S$120! I haven't seen this brush roll offered anywhere else so it was a pleasant surprise :-)

The new eyeshadow singles are S$23 each while the case is S$15. So a filled palette with three shades will set you back by S$84, which is not cheap as you can get a Chanel or Dior palette for just a few dollars more. The SA said that the textures have been improved although the size has been reduced. (But unlike MAC, Paul & Joe has the decency to charge a lower price for a lesser amount of product. The older version of the eyeshadow singles cost S$32.) Indeed, the new eyeshadows feel silkier with good color payoff. There is also a good mix of bright shimmery and darker matte shades.

The Collection Sparkles Face Colours are S$37 each while the Lip Lacquers are S$39 each.

I came home with all three Collection Sparkles Face Colours and the Lip Lacquer #3 Primrose, the brush roll and a clutch of skincare and foundation samples.

The brush roll is quite well made with sufficient padding but I doubt I'll use it for keeping makeup brushes as I'd be too worried about staining the white interior.

The Lip Lacquers are quite overpriced as the shades are not that unique although they feel quite moisturising. The shades are all on the sheer side. But I decided to get one anyway as I just adore the purple floral packaging. Plus I can re-use the plastic pot as a pigment pot after I've used up the lip lacquer.

The Face Colors have a soft pearl-like sheen with good color payoff. Like the Lip Lacquers, the shades are not that unique and can probably be duped quite easily but it's the cute packaging that I find irresistible every time. The small flower design looks cute but is somewhat impractical as you will need to use a small brush or sponge applicator to avoid smudging the colours together.

My little family of Collection Sparkles!


makeupmag said...

The packaging is so pretty. I can understand why they attract you.

Haru said...

Hey Mag,
There is truly no other brand that has the same whimsical packaging like Paul & Joe. It has a truly unique sensibility, and that's what keeps me going back for every LE collection!

makeupmag said...

Clio from Korea has some nice packaging but it's not as feminine as P&J's. I should take a closer look at your stash the next time I get to see it! ;)

Sheila said...

I'm so jealous! The collection arrived on ASOS.com last week but there is never any GWP. I love receiving sample foundations and skincare, lol =P

Haru said...

hi Sheila,
The Paul & Joe counters here almost invariably give out those skincare samples as part of the GWP, and they always have a pouch/tote/case as the GWP, to encourage consumers to buy a certain amount. Paul & Joe is quite pricey, so the GWP helps to make one feel that one is getting a fairly worthwhile deal. I've lost count of the number of times I've splurged on P&J just because they had a cute GWP tote!

Marce said...

Oh my, P&J always attracts me due to their lovely packaging! And from what I've read, the products are really good too. I wish I could try them! XO

shopaholic said...

omigod, they are lovely& kawaii!!!!
great haul :)

Haru said...

Hi Marce,
Have you checked out Asos.com? They stock Paul & Joe cosmetics and they ship internationally.

Hi shopaholic,
they are super adorable, aren't they? I'm very pleased with all the items I bought :-)

pinkdolphi1 said...

So nice!!! I went to check them out during lunch break today. The new eyeshadows also have very good texture too! I'm trying very hard to resist all these temptations!!!

Haru said...

hey pinkdolphi1!
You have much stronger willpower than me ;-p I always cave at the Paul & Joe counter, especially if they have a nice GWP.