Sunday, 14 February 2010

Operation Use It Up!

One of my perennial resolutions is to try to use up more of my stash before accumulating more new stuff and it's usually far easier for me to use up body care products than makeup. I tried to do a Project 5-pan challenge in January but failed to even meet my minimum target of using up a Stila lipglaze! But I did succeed in finishing these items in January so thought I'd give my quick thoughts on them.

Kiehls Aloe Vera Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser: This is a collaboration item with Brad Pitt and made with 100% biodegradable ingredients. I found the formula to be a bit too watery but it does do a decent job of cleansing without stripping the skin. It retails for S$35 in the stores but I got my bottle free at Kinokuniya a year ago with a magazine purchase. Although I like the 100% biodegradable concept, I would not purchase this as it is just too pricey for a shower gel and I'm not a fan of the aloe vera scent.

Rituals Sunrise Foaming Shower Gel Sensation: Love, love, love this! Got this at a steal for only €3.90 on my Brussels trip last November. It foams up incredibly quickly and rinses off easily, leaving my skin scented lightly with the sweet orange and cedar aroma. I went through this bottle very quickly, in less than a month. Should have hauled more of it!

Essential Damage-care Rich Premier Shampoo: This is made by Kao and is formulated with pure honey and protein (royal jelly extract). It lathers up well, rinses easily and left my hair soft and manageable, even without following up with conditioner. I liked that it did not overly dry out my hair or leave it all tangled up. The Essential haircare line is now available at Watsons.

Lush Veganese conditioner: This vegan conditioner contains lemon for shine, seaweed for softness and herbal infusions for the scalp. I loved the citrusy scent but this conditioner was just not moisturising enough for me. I still prefer Tsubaki's conditioners over this as they leave my hair softer. My hair is quite long now (down to chest level) so I need a good conditioner to keep it tangle-free.

Vera Wang Princess Foamy Body Polish: I got this as part of a Princess fragrance set from the Luxasia warehouse sale last year. It's like a shower gel and body exfoliator combined. The gel is much thicker and more strongly fragranced than the Kiehl's Liquid Body Cleanser. It will scent up your entire bathroom! The scrubby bits are gentle yet effective. A 75ml tube lasted less than 10 uses for me.


Mischievous Mack said...

good on you for trying to actually use up your products! I only ever finish my favorites.
Oh and I adore Tsubaki conditioners (specifically Shisedo)
I'm going to follow you example and *try* and use up somethings....

Magdalena said...

I was uding the pink essential shampoo/conditioner/treatment and I loved it~ The CM is cute too

Kathi said...

Woot! *applauds* =D Well done! I just received that Essential Rich Premier Shampoo (and hair pack) from Sasa last week! I use the pink series (Nuance Airy) and absolutely love how smooth and shiny it makes my hair so I am curious how the Rich Premier will be =D

I also used up quite a few things during the past 5-6 weeks:
Asience Shampoo, Asience Conditioner, Etude House Body Wash Apple, Etude House Body Wash Peach, Sekkisei Eye Cream, Shiseido Tiss 2-way off cleansing oil, a box of Kitanohitou bath powder, Kose Salon Style hair treatment, Etude House eye makeup remover, Salon Style hair mousse, Shiseido AG+ Deodorant, Happy Bath Day lip balm, Juju Aquamoist HA Bubble Face Wash and maybe a few more items =D
Will soon finish my Rose of Heaven lip balm, Liese hair wax in straight, Bison Roserity Body Lotion and the Essential Nuance Airy shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment pack (got backups of these items already haha!).

I try to use up as much of my body and hair care before using new things, too =D I have quite a stash of new stuff here and enjoy "rewarding" myself with a new product when I finish another one =D

But using up makeup is a completely different story haha! I think the last thing I finished was my Lunasol face powder and I recently replaced my favorite MM mascara as it was already over 3 months old =X

Haru said...

hi Mischievous Mack (great username btw!),
I love the Tsubaki conditioners and shampoos. They are so deeply moisturising, I don't even need a hairbrush to untangle my hair after I've washed it! I'm always trying out new products, so it's rare that I repurchase the same product but I have re-purchased the Tsubaki conditioner.

Hi Magdalena,
I haven't seen the CM yet, will go check it out!

Hi Kathi,
Wow, that's a long list of stuff that you've used up in just a few weeks! That's excellent! I get very lazy with using items like body lotion and face care, so I end up using up bath and haircare items the most quickly.
It's been a very long time since I finished a makeup powder. I think the last one was Kiss back in Japan few years ago ;-p

Vonvon said...

I think I am the same as you.....need to use up more stuff before accumulating new stuff....but the thing is I am having loads of unopened new stuff in my drawers and cabinets. Let alone those of my new lemmings....sigh...

But since Jan this year, I managed to finish up several remaining bath and body products from last year's and still working hard to finish those currently on the bathroom shelves right now, before opening new bottles and jars!!!

Haru said...

Hi Vonvon,
I'm slowly working my way through my stash but I think I'm still accumulating faster than I'm using up stuff ;-p Darn all those Body Shop promos for their new products, which I can never resist!