Saturday, 20 February 2010

My Beauty Diary Masks

My Beauty Diary is a very popular Taiwanese line of sheet masks thanks to the super affordable price (less than US$2 per mask) and the wide variety of masks designed to meet various skin concerns such as hydrating, oil control, brightening etc. In Singapore, you can find them at Guardian Pharmacy where a box of 10 retails for S$21 and a 2-sheet sampler pack costs S$3.95. I decided to get the four sampler packs to try them out: Mixed Berries (Anti-oxidant and firming), Cooling (Refreshing & rejuvenating), Provence Lavender (Soothing & Restoring), Yogurt (Oil Control & Nourishing). Unfortunately, Guardian Pharmacy does not have the larger sampler packs containing several different types of masks.

The box packaging in Singapore is mainly in English. It is recommended that you use these two to three times a week for 20 to 30 minutes each time. After using the mask, do not wash off the mask serum as you can simply follow up with your normal skincare.

The ingredients list.

Amazingly, despite the low price of these masks, there are actually many counterfeits and fakes floating around. has an excellent post about how to distinguish the fakes from the real product. One way to tell if your masks are legitimate is to look for the embossed marking at the lower right hand corner of the front side of the mask packet. The abundance of fakes is the reason why I would only purchase the masks from Guardian Pharmacy instead of blogshops. Why take any risks with your skin just to save some pennies?

Each mask packet is stamped with the manufacturing date and expiry date, which I felt was very useful.

I was not expecting any miracles from using the masks. While the antioxidants and emollient ingredients are indeed beneficial to skin, fragrance does not do anything for skin and in fact can irritate it. I tried the Mixed Berries mask last night and left it on for one hour until the mask started to feel a bit dry and all the serum had been absorbed into my skin. It did an excellent job of hydrating and softening my skin. I have oily, acne-prone skin with some dry patches. After using the mask, the dry patches were gone and what was impressive was that my skin did not get oily as it usually does. My skin sometimes gets super oily after using certain lotions or moisturisers but after using the Mixed Berries mask, my skin stayed hydrated until the next morning without getting super greasy.

The sheet mask feels well-made and of good quality with decent thickness. It also fits nicely over the contours of my face without too much excess cloth flapping around the edges. I also liked the fact that it did not come out of the packet dripping messily or leaving a lot of serum inside the packet. Instead, all the serum was absorbed on the sheet mask itself.

Overall, I think My Beauty Diary masks are a quick and very affordable fix if you are experiencing skin dryness. Do note that these masks do not work for everyone. My buddy, Kathi of Lotuspalace had a bad reaction to these masks. You can read her experience here.


knitties said...

I like these masks and my faves are the white rose and red wine ones. I have tried a few others and thought they were so-so. Never tried the mixed berries yet and it looks like it works quite well on you.

Haru said...

hi Lyn,
I'm keen to try the rose one as well, perhaps after I finish my four sampler packs!

. : * justine * : . said...

I love these masks! My favourite 'flavours' are Mixed Berry and Strawberry Yogurt but also Chocolate and Cherry Blossom. I ordered from a Singapore-based seller on Ebay and also from SASA and I've had really good experiences with both :)

Have you tried the premium line? I find the fabric the masks a lot nicer :) My favourite is White Truffle in that range but they are more expensive (about 4$ USD/mask)

Rabokki 라볶이 said...

Hi Haru,
I saw larger sampler packs (7 and 15 sheets) at Guardian some time back, ie when they just launched in Spore. Yes, the white rose one is good. Do also try the black and white pearl. Like them for whitening/brightening effects.

Haru said...

hi justine,
The premium line is not available in Guardian Pharmacy in Singapore although some blogshops and sell it (but I wouldn't buy from them). Will definitely check it out after I'm done with the regular line! I think Chocolate was limited edition though and no longer available.

hi Rabokki,
I went through the whole MBD display looking for the variety packs but no luck. Thanks for the recommendation, will definitely try the pearl ones as well!

rene said...

Woah! I didn't know that there were fakes for these masks! Like seriously?!! After reading, i immediately ran to check my masks stocks. Because I got like 30+ sheets! And phew.... thank god they got those are not fakes. Thanks for letting me know!

. : * justine * : . said...

Is there a reason you wouldn't buy from Sasa? I found the shipping process VERY long but otherwise OK... except that they split my order into two packages when it would have all fit into ONE of the boxes they used. XD;

Yumeko said...

wow i didnt know they had fakes! i have been buying them directly from watsons [mannings] to collect points XD

Haru said...

hi rene,
It's really too bad that there are so many fakes out there, especially for makeup and skincare. That's why it's important to buy from official/reputable sources. Glad to hear that yours are ok!

Hi Justine,
I don't have anything against Sasa, in fact I think their reputation is pretty good. It's just the hassle of ordering online that I can't be bothered with, especially if the product is readily available at my local pharmacy.

Hi Yumeko,
The fakes are very common in Southeast Asia, it seems. It's so disgusting that people can be so unscrupulous just to make a quick buck.

Michelle said...

I have tried the larger sampler pack but still love the red wine one the best. Also tried the white truffle one and that one is pretty good too! It is very nicely moisturizing without being sticky icky afterwards, I know fragrance can be irritating but these masks smells amazing!

Anonymous said...

i bought 2 boxes of the knockoffs from watsons (house brand) on a whim and they're pretty ok, no adverse reaction! i still prefer the face shop sheet masks tho'

Vonvon said...

Mixed Berry mask is my fav so far. Not only for its immediate firming effect which I could feel right after using it, but also its berry scent. Love berries!

The premium line (I tried Platinum Nanocolloid) fabric is very soft but not as durable as the fabric in the regular lines. They actually tear quite easily so gentle handling required when using the premium line masks.

Btw, the 2-sampler pack in Guardian S'pore is really cheap even after conversion. Here we pay double the price for the 2-pack.

Sonia Ho said...

i love MBD mask too because of its hydration and brightening function. Though it lasts for a day, good enough for affordable price.

Hygeia said...

Wow~ I'm from Taiwan, and I'm surprised that "My Beauty Diary" products are so expensive in Singapore!! They're less than S$1 each here and never heard of fake~ Now I know why tourists are crazy about buying them!!! By the way, my favourites are rose, natto, and black pearl~

Haru said...

hi Hygeia,
I couldn't understand why people would produce fakes of MBD masks too, but unfortunately with anything that's so incredibly popular, someone somewhere will be tempted to make a quick buck off it. Taiwan is a real shopping paradise, compared to Singapore, which is already not bad!

Hi Sonia,
I totally agree, the masks are cheap and good!

hi Vonvon,
wow, didn't know they are so expensive over in Malaysia. Usually, beauty products are cheaper in Malaysia compared to Singapore. I like the Mixed Berries scent too, not too overpowering!

watercoloursky said...

I love MBD masks too! I always wait for them to go on sale at the Asian supermarkets here. I've read about those fakes before too and because of that I don't think I would ever buy them online unless it was Sasa

Vonvon said...

Hi Hygeia,

That's where I got all my MBD masks - Taiwan, and also Hong Kong. Each time my sis travels to either place, she would know to haul me packs (10-packs or LE packs)of the masks. And the good thing is they have lots of those limited edition packs, hence I will get a huge variety of masks to try from. And the price is so affordable.

Vonvon said...

Haru, yea, beauty products may be slightly cheaper over here, but customer service not as good, and definitely GWPs and special offers are much better in S'pore. Not to mention many brands available in S'pore are not available in Malaysia. :)

Hygeia said...

hi Haru,
No doubt there's much stuff cheaper in Taiwan, but we can't get some brands easily here. Like Urban Decay, I'm dreaming about Alice Wonderland Palette but no where to buy. (Many web shops don't ship to Taiwan!) Sometimes it's better to shop in Singapore!!:)
I've been to Singapore twice, and I'm impressed by the fucion of different cultures! It's also not easy be found in Taiwan lol

Hygeia said...

hi Vonvon,
one of my Malaysian friends stuff her travelling case with MBD masks before she left Taiwan. I was told that everyone asked her to buy some!!
By the way, if you and your sister can read Chinese, you can check the web site:
MBD is a brand under the Uni-Presidant, and is the offical web shop of the whole group. So any special packages or new prodoucts can also be seen from the website, prices are same as in stores. Unfortunately, they don't ship MBD masks overseas. (But books and CDs, yes!!)

Vonvon said...

Hi Hygeia,

No, we can read only simple Chinese, but thanks for the link. I could figure out the sense of what it says. The New Year Europe and Asia sets (LE, I supposed? and has 32 pcs in each box) are so cool.

No Urban Decay in Malaysia too. I got my Alice in Wonderland palette from the US.

P.s. Oppss...excuse me, Haru, for 'chatting' in your comments with Hygeia.

Joanne said...

I bought the strawberry yogurt one at Guardian Pharmacy today. But when I opened and check regarding what you wrote about having the stamp appearing on the front right bottom, mine does not have. Sad.. is it fake? =( anyone who bought the strawberry yogurt one can help? thanks!!

Haru said...

Hi Joanne,
Since you bought it in Guardian Pharmacy, I think it should be safe. Do check the sheet mask inside, the quality of the real masks and the serume is different from those of the fakes, and should be easy to tell.

Hygeia said...

Hi Vonvon,

yap, you're right. But they're just repackages of different 'flavors' into one box. It's still worth buying if you like all 'flavors' included. I thought it's not too hard to read traditional Chinese as someone knows simply Chinese, but seems I was wrong!! Sorry for that...

PS. Haru, I'm sorry for "chatting' in your blog with Vonvon,too...

Haru said...

hi Vonvon & Hygeia,
Please don't apologise! Go right ahead, I'm learning a lot from your chat too :-)

Vonvon said...

Thank you, Haru!

Hygeia, what I meant by simple Chinese is very basic Chinese words, could be traditional or simplified. We didn't receive formal Chinese language education. We just picked up the words here and there, google translator, learn to read from lyrics of Chinese songs.

Haru, may I suggest you get a chatbox, so that your readers can chat and interact live? :)

Haru said...

Sorry, I don't like chatboxes because they invariably get spammed! That's another reason why I moderate all comments on my blog 'cos I get spammed by stupid Japanese escort/chatline companies.

Hygeia said...

Hi Haru,

I've been reading your blog and learned a lot, so I'm glad that I might do a little bit help.:)

Hi Vonvon,

sorry for the misunderstanding. I guess Chinese words are not so easy to learn. I was educated under traditional Chinese (like most of people in Taiwan), so one the other hand, I can't read English as fast as people who got whole English educaiotion. That might be a weakness of me. :(

Oh, I almost forget this is a blog about cosmetices... Let me talk a little about it. In Taiwan, products from America or Europe are more expensive, like Christian Dior, its famous lip gross is sold more than US$28 each.

But products from Japan are usually cheaper, expecially Kanebo, sometimes they even offer buy one get one free for Lunasol eye palettes!!! (And all products are made in Japan, not in China.)'s a bit strange that you might get cheaper Japanese products in Taiwan!!!

By the way, Shisedo has a factory in Taiwan. I wonder people in other places can see these preoducts or not. (Or they just make them to sell inside Taiwan??)

Finished. Thanks for reading~ lol

Vonvon said...

Hi Hygeia,

No worries. My sis and I are very fortunate that we even know very little Chinese. But my sis is learning a lot of Chinese by herself, by singing lots of Chinese songs (in karaoke). ;)

Speaking of cosmetics in Taiwan, I have heard that many Japanese brands are available there, even many brands which are not available in Malaysia. and Lunasol for buy 1 free 1??? I know some of my friends would go crazy if they know this.

I so want to go to Taiwan, and also Hong Kong for shopping sprees!!! And I can get Jill Stuart in Taiwan. And speaking of Jill Stuart, where can we buy JS stuff in Taiwan? The last time, my sis was in Taipei, she couldn't find the places which sell JS. But she was there for only 3 days and her Chinese language knowledge limited her 'mobility'. ;)

Canely@Singapore said...

sometimes, the imprint stamp (date) does not appearing on the front right bottom due to shipment and handling issue.

there was a time whereby apple mask were not came with imprint even if it fake.

but one thing for sure is, the imprint really never happen on the fake mask.

fluffyyye said...

May i know which are the guardian outlets which stock my beauty diary masks?


Haru said...

Most Guardian stores should carry My Beauty Diary. I have seen them at the Guardian in Ion and Ngee Ann City.

Celina said...

There are indeed a lot of fakes out there but there are still some blogs selling authentic ones. I got my MBD masks supply from Their masks are authentic. Exactly the same as those sold I bought from Cosmed Taiwan and pricing is much much cheaper than Guardian and Watson :)

Anonymous said...

Hi thx alot for the information! But recently I bought this platinum mbd mask fm a neighborhood store and it was cheaper than in tw! Wana check with you if you could tell if this is the real one,as I dun find any info online on the premium range. Thx!

Haru said...

I'm afraid I don't have any info on the platinum mbd range.