Thursday, 25 February 2010

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland

The Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette launches officially in Sephora (Singapore) tomorrow. At the price of S$88, it is very reasonable compared to the original US retail price of US$52. This has become a highly sought-after item since its release in the US and has already long sold out on both and, with prices on Ebay going for over US$100.

Sephora Singapore has brought in only 400 units of this gorgeous palette, of which over 80+ units have already been reserved. The customers who placed reservations were able to collect the palette since yesterday. When I was purchasing my palette at Sephora Ion, the SA said that they expect it to sell out tomorrow. So if you're still deliberating on this, do not wait too long because this is literally flying off the shelves.

The cardboard packaging is quite sizeable but unlike the Tarte Treasure Chest, the sliding tray that holds the eyeshadows does not fall out easily. The lid has a magnetic closure that opens up to reveal the mirror and mushroom scene with the little Alice figure. The palette is made in the US.

The shades in the palette are not new, just re-named with names inspired by the movie. Some of the shades do have glitter, which I positively hate for the mess factor but overall, the palette has a good mix of vivid, smokey and neutral shades with many creative possibilities.


Sheila said...

Hey!! I got mine mailed from the states, but I know even in the UK it keeps selling out on Debenhams online. It was so crazy because they stopped doing reservations alltogether because it just got too popular. I completely LOVE mine, but I'm too scared to use it because I have a feeling the glitter and the powder is going to make the palette look dirty =S

I hope to see some FOTDs from you using this palette! I need some ideas for how to use mine, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oohh! I must drop by sephora tml!
Yups waiting for your reviews on usage :)

Ahcapp said...

Hi iris,

very nice palette! :)) will you be using it or keeping it for admiration?

I hope they still have some left for sale. Too bad I don't work near town to check it out. :(

Haru said...

hey AhCapp,
why don't you call them tomorrow morning and ask them to reserve one for you? I'm definitely going to use this soon :-) I bought so much makeup lately, I'm taking forever to use and review all of them. My makeup drawers are such a mess ;-p

Vonvon said...

Got mine from the US too....thanks to hubby. But still haven't used it. Like you, Haru, I am accumulating so many makeup stuff faster than I could try them out and review them. ;)

Anonymous said...

Pretty palette!
Me too can't wait to see your EOTD with this lovely palette!

Kiradris said...

I can't recommend this palette enough. It may be an unecessary purchase if you already have all their other shadow books, but the novelty factor is a huge draw, but all shades offer so many combinations. I love my palette!

~raspy~ said...

I got mine yesterday! ^-^

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! this palette is so beautiful!your pix are the best i have seen online seriously. i always thought this palette was quite ordinary but now i have second thoughts. maybe i should have gotten this instead of my new Kat Von D. very nice!

Anonymous said...

It's me again (2nd comment).
I've gotten my AIW and woah. I've bought lip primer to reach $120 to get a gift set! Totally newbie at Urban Decay :p


Anonymous said...

Hi haru,Thanks for posting it
i just called sephora to reserve it
love reading your blog
always have the lastest update

makeupmag said...

YAY, you bought it after all! :D I love it. It looks cute and it works excellently. Guess I'll have to do more colourful looks now. :P