Friday, 12 February 2010

Ayura 15th Anniversary Memories Coffret

Ayura used to be available in Isetan in Singapore many years ago but it was probably too ahead of its time for the Singapore market at that time and withdrew after just a couple of years. Ayura will release a 15th Anniversary Memories Coffret (12,600yen) on 5 March in Japan (the second set in the pic below). It includes an extra large size of Meditation Bath α (700ml), Aromatic Body Powder 30g, Meditation Oil 48ml and Meditation Body Serum 50ml.

On 23 February, Ayura will also release a f Sign Defence Trial Kit (4410yen) consisting of Mousse Flace b 50ml, Balancing Primer 30ml, Serum OP 7ml, Moist Protector 10g and a mini bag.

I'm totally lemming the Aromatic Body Powder which features Ayura's floral emblem embossed on the surface and comes in a pretty light green tub. Too bad it is not sold separately.

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zhenling said...

love the packaging soooooooo much!

Anonymous said...

Missed Ayura! A pity they are withdrawn from Singapore