Saturday, 27 February 2010

Ettusais Melty Touch Rouge

Spotted the new Ettusais Melty Touch Rouge and Jelly Gloss at the counter in BHG (Bugis Junction) today. The Melty Touch Rouge (S$30) comes in six limited edition shades. The finish is sheer and glossy.

Do check out Kathi's review over at Lotus Palace!


Anonymous said...

is it cheaper to purchase ettusais in Tokyo, compared to S'pore? Is it easily avaliable?

Haru said...

Ettusais is quite easy to find in Tokyo in shops like the Loft, Plaza Style etc. It is a bit cheaper compared to buying in Singapore but as the yen is quite high at the moment, the difference is probably not much. YOu can check the Japan prices on the Ettusais website and then just use an online currency converter like to compare with Singapore.