Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

I received a small 100ml bottle of Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel as part of the massive Christmas Eve hatbox that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday last November. Snow Fairy is released by Lush only during the year-end holiday season every year and it's one of those perennial favourites, without which it simply does not feel like a Lush Christmas.

It's a bubblegum pink and contains a smattering of iridescent glitter. Frankly, I find the idea of putting glitter into shower gel absurd as I wouldn't want it to get into, say my eyes, and irritate the hell out of them. And if the glitter washes off easily, then what's the point of it in the first place? To appeal to your inner disco Barbie maybe!

Anyhow, the scent is like a cross between bubblegum and candy floss, just toothachingly sweet. It lathers up quite well by itself but I used a shower lily for greater bubbly effect. It rinsed off clean and left my skin soft and moisturised. The scent lingers quite nicely on my skin without being too cloying. Nevertheless, I probably will not re-purchase this because of the glitter and also I find Lush shower gels to be horribly expensive.

Here's the ingredient list (not paraben/sulfate-free).


Claire said...

I got a bottle from Lush Taiwan and I think it actually smells like The Godmother hand soap.

Haru said...

Hi Claire,
According to Lush USA, Godmother soap has the same scent as Snow Fairy shower gel :-)

.blushfully. said...

Is there Lush in Singapore? If so, where?

Haru said...

hi DANA,
Lush used to be available in Isetan in Wisma Atria in the 1990s but it pulled out long ago. But Lush UK and Lush Australia both ship internationally. Lush UK has the cheapest prices.