Friday, 19 February 2010

Anna Sui Website Update

The Anna Sui website has been updated with the new Spring/Summer 2010 base makeup collection, designed to create the perfect "doll skin".

The collection, which will debut on 4 March in Japan, includes :

1. Protective Powder Foundation L SPF28 PA++
2. Protective Fluid Foundation L SPF20 PA++
3. Protective Foundation Primer L SPF38 PA++

Cute hanger pouch that is the gift with purchase of 5250yen. Wonder if we'll see it in Singapore too?

The Summer 2010 makeup collection will be released on 8 April but no pics of it yet. According to, it will include:
1. Eye Colour Collection (3990yen): Palette with 5 powder eyeshadow s

2. Liquid Eyeliner WP (2625yen): 3 shades

3. Glittering Eye Color (2310yen): 3 shades

4. Protective Lip Treatment (2100yen, 16g, SPF20): limited edition

5. Nail Colour Collection 2010 (3360yen): 2 Mini Nail Colour N (5ml), nail colour remover 20ml and nail stickers


kuri said...

The protective lip treatment is expensive but I kind of want it. I'd heard about a previous lip treatment Anna Sui used to offer, but I was never able to try it, so maybe I'll try this one. The fact that it's limited edition is annoying though.

Sweetsnow said...

Do you have any reviews on Anna Sui's base makeup? I tried searching the forms, and it turns out the review isn't v good.
Maybe you have a different opinion?

Haru said...

hi Sweetsnow,
I only own the Anna Sui Loose Compact Powder UV #200 which is a loose face highlighting powder, which I felt was decent but not Holy Grail material. I have tried samples of their powder foundation before but didn't find it to be special. I do like their Oil Control Gel Cleanser very much though, which cleanses thoroughly without leaving a squeaky clean feeling. Sorry I can't be of more help!

Sweetsnow said...

Thanks for your comment, Haru. Btw, I love your blog =)

Unknown said...

Hi Haru! Would you know how much the protective fluid foundation L costs in SG$? I tried to google it but I can't find much deets =(

although I found out that the moisturizing liquid foundation costs SG$61. Both liquid foundations costs the same in Yen so i'm just assuming that the protective liquid foundation also costs SG$61

Haru said...

hi Chelle,

Sorry, I don't know the exact price but it should be around the same price as the moisturising liquid foundation.

Unknown said...

That's okay but you're right they will cost almost the same ^.^ thanks so much! <3 My cousin's going to Singapore this June so I'm requesting him to buy Anna Sui stuffs for me...