Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Takashimaya Fragrance Sale

Takashimaya is currently holding a sale at the event space in Level B2 (next to the food hall). There is a fragrance and skincare booth by Luxasia. The only skincare brand available is Guerlain but while the prices are heavily discounted, the manufacturing dates are around 2007 so do check the manufacturing date before purchasing. The quartet of Cherry Blossom fragrance miniatures is only about S$35 but it is manufactured in 2007.

Marc Jacobs Splashes in Lemon and Cucumber are S$70 each. The Vera Wang True Pink perfume set is S$140. There is a Vera Wang Princess set (100ml + perfume miniature + bodycare item) at S$104 and a Sheer Veil set at S$114. The expiry dates for the Vera Wang perfumes are around 2013.

Other fragrance brands on sale include Burberry, Rumeur and Bulgari.


pretty-big-eyes said...

luxasia! I wonder when will the warehouse sale be on again. Anw, do u know when will this sale end? thanks for sharing! ;)

Haru said...

I read on Cozycot that the next Luxasia warehouse sale is likely to be in April. I'm not sure about the end date of the Takashimaya sale but it's definitely until at least this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Did they have Nina Ricci? My mum loves them!

Haru said...

I didn't notice any Nina Ricci perfumes at the booth.