Sunday, 28 February 2010

More x Coach

Stopped by Kinokuniya (Ngee Ann City) to snag the April issue of More magazine (S$18.10) as it comes with a Coach Poppy scrunchie. I'm not a Coach fan at all but the Poppy print looked very colourful and vibrant. This issue is already sold out at the Kino store in Bugis Junction but there are still a few copies at the Ngee Ann City store.

The scrunchie is made of polyester, as is typical of these magazine accessories. The elastic stretches out to just the right size, not too small and not too large.

The small gold heart charm can be detached.

Other ideas on how to use the heart charm.

Hairstyles to try with the scrunchie.

Also picked up J. Alexander's Follow the Model (S$38.22) book. J. Alexander is best known as one of the judges on America's Next Top Model and the ultimate catwalk guru. Walking may seem like the simplest thing to do but it's actually an art, as the model wannabes quickly learn at the tutelage of J. Alexander, who also has longer and more shapely legs than most of the models.


Ahcapp said...

Hi iris

looks like there are way too many temptations out there in town. :) hehe

I like J! I like his attitude and he walks way much better than me! And yes his legs are simply to die for! It's so unfair! Haha

Btw I tried my 539 IL today! Love the fine texture and the colour combination. It's the kind of browns I like. Perfect for my office since the men dominate the population in my department by about 90%+! haha I would hate to look at my big boss in the eyes with my sparkly blue or green eyeshadow! ;)

I also tried my K palette eyebrow marker today. It's great and lasting. Hey we are talking about a trip to the Botanical Garden at 5pm today! I was melting! I'm definately get a backup. :)

I will take a pic of pretty Nectar later and open ceremony tomorrow! Sold out at Isetan scots and ion. Thank goodness got your tip-off :)

I'm super tempted to get the camake cream blush. But resisted. Will you be getting one?

Haru said...

hey AhCapp!

At least I didn't buy any makeup today ;-p Just a quilt cover from Aussino's sale, a hair accessory for the wedding an the More magazine!

J's my favourite judge on ANTM. I find all the other judges too fake. Just finished reading his book, it was a easy and good read about his life experiences and lessons. He's really been through quite a lot.

I bought the Canmake Cream Cheek blush #2 when it was first released over here. I use it quite regularly too as it's very easy to apply. It's not so crazily pigmented that mistakes are glaringly obvious.

I should check out the K-palette eyebrow marker soon. Getting a bit tired of my MAC Cork. Glad to hear that you like IL! It's the perfect brown palette. Have fun trying out Nectar tomorrow :-)