Saturday, 6 February 2010

Urban Decay Master Class Tips

Thought I would share some tips and tricks that the Urban Decay International Makeup Artist Eric Jimenez taught us in the Master Class yesterday.

1. Eric's favourite places to apply concealer was just above the inner half of the eyebrow, under the outer half of the eyebrow and in a strip down the centre of the nose before blending the concealer out to meld with the skintone. This method helps to make the eyes look more awake and refreshed and adds dimension to the face as a whole. Eric advised picking a concealer that is two to three shades lighter than one's skintone. The trick is all in the blending to get a natural looking finish.

2. I haven't been able to get the UD Lip Primer Potion to work well for me as I find the texture to be a bit hard and waxy, and some of my lipsticks looked patchy over it. Eric warmed it up first on the back of his hand before tapping it gently onto the model's lips with his finger. He then applied a lipliner all over the lips, then used a lip brush to apply some more Lip Primer Potion before finishing with lipstick and lipgloss. The finished look was very polished. Eric also said that he often wears Lip Primer Potion to sleep at night like a lip balm!

3. When selecting eyeliners, pick one that sets after about five minutes, to give you enough time to work with it before it dries. UD's famed 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner Pencil is one excellent example. It goes on incredibly creamy, smooth and pigmented. You can then blend and smudge it as you desire before it dries to a waterproof finish. And once it sets, these babies truly do not budge! Even with Sephora's waterproof eye makeup remover, it took several wipes before I was able to get the swatches off my hand.

4. You can use the UD Primer Potion or Lash Primer Potion on the eyebrows as well before applying brow powder or liner, to help enhance the staying powder. As Eric said, given Singapore's humid weather, "you don't want a landslide!"

Eric was just such an amazing wealth of information and incredibly friendly. The time simply flew by and I think he even went over the alloted one hour. He's supposed to come back to Singapore in March but do catch him today at Sephora if you can! He will be appearing at the Ion store from 12-1pm and at the Ngee Ann City store from 5-8pm. He is teaching the second Master Class at Sephora Ion at 12pm. The Master Class takes place in an open area and customers can simply gather around to listen to him.


Christina said...

Eric is incredibly friendly person to talk to. I had the good fortune of him introducing to me most of the products in the UD range carried here. (Missed the Master Class as I have other commitments)

Did he say anything about what kind of concealer to use? I.e. cream or liquid? I was thinking of getting the UD pencil concealer next week.


Vonvon said...

Cool!! Sounds like a lot of fun! Might try to plan a trip to Singapore. Do let us know when's the next time Eric is coming to Singapore...the dates..etc etc

Thanks, Haru!

Haru said...

hi Christina,
He did not talk about the different types of concealer. He was using UD 24/7 Concealer which is a jumbo pencil type of concealer, which is the only concealer made by UD.

hi Vonvon,
will definitely post the info when it's out. I'm sure it'll also be announced on Sephora Singapore's Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This was so helpful!

Magdalena said...

Oh. I never tried applying concealer/higlither directly obive eyebrows! I will try! :) But I don` think choosing a concealer 3 shades lighter is a cgood choice D: one shade or exact shade it way better!! If someone uses 3 shades lighter, they will look like a white clown-face.. :/

Haru said...

Hi magdalena,
I was quite surprised when Eric used a light-colored concealer on the two models who were both dark-skinned. But once he blended the concealer out, it looked completely natural!