Thursday, 11 February 2010

New Spring Collections Releases

Several brands have launched their spring collections in Singapore over the past week, just in time for the Chinese New Year season.

RMK Spring Modern turned out to be more impressive than I had expected. The eyeshadows look very refreshing yet easily wearable with a mix of textures from semi-matte to more shimmery (but without any chunky glitter). Some of the shades were amazingly pigmented. But at S$73 a pop, these are quite pricey although still not in the range of Chanel or Dior. I didn't try the blushes as I was too taken with the eyeshadows. There are also three limited edition lipsticks priced at S$45 (S$3 more than the normal lipsticks just because they are limited edition, which I thought was incredibly silly).

This is the current gift with purchase of S$150. From 19-25 February, the RMK counter at Isetan Scotts will be offering makeup lessons (includes hairstyling) with Mr Hideki Tanaka, a RMK Makeup Artist from Japan. Simply purchase a $100 voucher that is fully redeemable for products at the Isetan Scotts counter. Call 6887-5308 to book your appointment.

Over at Lancome, the O My Rose collection by Aaron de Mey was on display. While we got both the Pop'n'Petrol and Kissed by Copper eyeshadow quads, it looks like we only got one shade of the Pop'n'Cheeks. I was also looking for the Teal Delight Ink Artliner but the Tangs Orchard counter only had a boring black one in the display. Also no sign of the Pop Petrol nail polish or the Khol Glosses. The green palette looked pretty but swatched a bit on the sheer side.

Chanel has the White Blossom collection on display.

It includes the Les Tissages blush in #60 Tweed Rose Subtil, White Whisper eyeshadow quad, Rouge Allure #82 Incognito and Glossimers in #139 Futile and #98 Galactic. White Whisper was actually released just last year, also as a limited edition.

And finally, the Guerlain Cherry Blossom collection. I think this was one of the most heavily anticipated but ultimately most disappointing collections for this season. The problem laid with the gorgeous shimmery overspray that draws one in at first glance only for one to realise that it rubs off almost immediately to reveal much duller colours underneath. The blush doesn't even work well as a blush because it is way too pale. Instead, it will be better as a slightly rosy face powder. At these price points, Guerlain should be doing much better by its customers than resorting to these flimsy gimmicks.


The Misery Chick said...

I saw the Guerlain one yesterday and have to agree with you that it is disappointing. What a bummer after that looooong wait.

Sheila said...

I felt the same about the Guerlain collection. I was SO excited about it until I saw swatches and then it was an automatic pass.

Dior had much better releases this season =D

I'm already looking forward to Summer!!

Michelle said...

Hi Iris! I think the new RMK Spring collection is awesome! I hauled 3 e/s palettes in blue, green and purple, 2 blushes in pink and coral and 3 nail polishes! I am loving everything from this collection! All the e/s shades and very nicely pigmented and I like the combination of shades as well. The blushes are prettily pigmented and just so pretty, with intensity you can build upon. The nail polish shades looks similar in the bottle yet different when applied. I am especially loving the purple undertones in the hot pink shade.

Haru said...

hey Michelle,
Thanks for the review! I'm thinking of going back to check these out, though I still think the palettes are a bit too pricey. I like their nailpolishes too.

Hey Sheila,
Dior was definitely much more impressive this season than Guerlain. It's such a pity cos the cherry blossom print is so gorgeous, but the product itself is mediocre.

Hi Maya,
I read reviews of the collection quite early on other blogs so was prepared for this one to be a disappointment. Well, maybe it'll go on sale at some point if it doesn't sell well!

Dominique -aka- 美華ちゃん said...

That's sad about the Guerlain collection. I was excited about that.

Sapphire - said...

Hi Haru! I'm in love with the Chanel White blossom collection (especially the brightening loose powder) but as it won't be available in France do you think I will be able to buy it on an internet retailer like bonboncosmetics, facial-shop or cosme-de?