Saturday, 27 February 2010

Fasio Shade Trick Eyes

The Fasio Spring 2010 collection is out at Watsons stores. The collection includes five new Shade Trick Eyes (S$21.40) and two Hyper Stay Mascara Magna Plus in Curl Long and Curl Volume.

The Shade Trick Eyes combinations looked very attractive under the store lights, with their twinkling shimmery finish.

While swatching these, I realised that the four shades in each palette had a slightly different texture. The white shade in each palette had the smoothest, most finely milled texture with a soft pearl glimmer while the second lightest had a more shimmery and sheer finish. The second darkest shade had a very smooth texture and well-pigmented metallic finish while the darkest shades swatched dry and somewhat chalky. I swatched these without the help of any base/primer.

Watsons is currently having a 20% discount on Fasio but the discount is supposed to exclude new and promotional items. (It's still worth checking with the cashier first if these are eligible for the discount as previously the Majolica Majorca holiday collection were also eligible for the discount despite being newly released.) Of the five palettes, GR4 is my favourite thanks to the lovely deep emerald shade in it.

BR1 Dark Brown

BR3 Brown and GR4 Green. The medium green shade in GR4 has more of a emerald tone to it than it appears in the pics below.

BL2 Blue and PK5 Pink

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Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,
it's a pity that we're not getting the Fasio blusher. I saw it in Voce (apr issue) and the flush on the model was simply irresistable! I hope Watsons considers bringing it in!