Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Biteki x Lunasol

The new April issue of Biteki (S$14.60), which just arrived at Kinokuniya today, comes with a 40-minute Lunasol makeup application DVD by Japanese makeup artist Mai Nishiyama. The DVD is region code 2 so you will need a multi-code DVD player to watch it unless you have a Code 2 player. Even if you don't understand Japanese, the video is quite easy to understand by just watching the artist work.

The tutorial covers base and colour makeup application as well as fake eyelash application. The products used in the tutorial are:

1. Control Makeup Base #3
2. Modelling Water Liquid Foundation OC02
3. Under Eye Base N OR1 and 02
4. Nuance Change Foundation B 01
5. Eyelid Base N
6. Shining Water Eyes EX03
7. Nature Colour Eyes #4
8. Contrasting W Liner 04
9. Treatment Mascara Base
10. High Stylize Mascara N 01
11. Brow Styling Pencil GB01
12. Brow Styling Compact GB02
13. Brow Styling Mascara B01
14..Coloring Cheeks 07
15. Tone Up Powder 02
16. Contrasting W Lip Liner 07
17. Full Glamour Lips G 33
18. Full Glamour Gloss N 17


jelainchua said...

hi! im from the philippines :) is there any chance for you to help me get hold of a copy of the dvd and magazne? hehe! :) thanks!

Haru said...

I'm afraid I don't do CPs for magazines.

Lisa said...

How do you keep your magazines? You must have A LOT

Haru said...

hi Lisa,
I cull my stash of magazines regularly by giving old ones to my office bar :-)