Sunday, 6 July 2008

Awake Moon Illusion

Awake's fall '08 collection, Moon Illusion, is inspired by the mysterious look of forest bathed in moonlight and feature an array of smokey purples and forest greens. The eyeshadows are formulated with a moonlight-inspired "Golden Reflectance Pearl". The release date is 2 August in Japan.

1. Moon Illusion Eye Stardom: 2 limited edition eyeshadow quads in X01 Forest Shadows and X02 Nocturnal Rose (5040yen). These two are definitely on my fall shopping list!

2. Roll Curl Mascara in 2 limited edition shades, X5 Night Moss and X6 Nocturnal Blue (3150yen)

3. Lip Lacquer in 2 new shades, #18 Wild Lavender (pearl rich purple) and #19 Chestnut Blossom (ladylike brown) (2940yen)

4. Nail Lacquer in 3 new shades, #52 Vapour, #53 Magic Moon and #54 Mirror Butterful

5. Eye Makeup Remover (2100yen)

1 comment:

Kathi said...

Those quads look really yummy! Especially the green one with this intense moss shade!