Monday, 28 July 2008

Latest Topshop lemming

Topshop has been one of my favourite British high street brands since my student days in the UK back in the late 1990s. The quality varies greatly and some of the recent stuff looks and feels cheap. But when Topshop is good, it's brilliant.

Currently, I'm developing a huge lemming for this asymmetrical biker style blazer in a tartan print. I just adore everything about it, the 3/4 sleeves with the slight flare, the slit pockets that are cut at a flattering angle, the ruching at the back, the asymmetrical zip down the front, the inviting collar and the pointy ends of the front. And *only* 45 pounds! It's British high street fashion at its best.

Wonder how my dear brother, who lives in the UK, feels about doing a CP?

1 comment: said...

That's a gorgeous jacket! I've been looking for one like it!

If you still need a CP just drop me an email I am in the UK. You did a CP for me agesss ago but through Albion (I am 8hourcream on MUA)