Saturday, 26 July 2008

Nina Ricci Pretty Nina EDT

I received this miniature of Nina Ricci Pretty Nina EDT with my purchase of Style magazine at Kinokuniya recently. The first flanker to Nina Ricci's Nina perfume which was launched in 2006, Pretty Nina is supposed to be fresher at the opening, with a grapefruit-caipirinha accord; and gentler at the heart, with fruity notes of green apple and raspberry melting with Sambac jasmine. The somewhat gourmand drydown blends apple wood, caramel, vanilla and musks.

It's very different from DKNY's Be Delicious which has a fresher, more citrusy accord. I find Pretty Nina to be a bit too cloying and sweet for my taste, probably due to the gourmand notes. After 5 minutes, the grapefruit notes disappear completely on me and I smell mostly caramel and vanilla with just the barest hint of green apple and raspberry. It smells mainly like toffee apple to me! It's pleasant and would be perfect for a girly teenager but I still prefer Marc Jacobs Daisy to this.


makeupmag said...

That's a generous gwp! Do you know if certain gwps in Style (or other mags for that matter) are exclusive to Kino?

Haru said...

Hi mag dear!

Thanks for stopping by. Kino has exclusive GWPs with magazines quite frequently. Aside from the Style/Nina Ricci GWP, they're currently also having a Carolina Herrera 212 GWP with L'Officiel magazine but that has been running for awhile and may be out of stock soon. I haven't seen these GWPs at any other bookstores. That's one of the reasons why I love Kino!

makeupmag said...

Hey Iris! Thanks for the information. I vaguely recall a special tie-in with BBB but I didn't realise it was so extensive. :)