Wednesday 30 July 2008

Jill Stuart Illuminance Collection

Hankyu's website has good pics of Jill Stuart's upcoming Illuminance collection, that are probably much more accurate than the swatches on the official Jill Stuart website.

Illuminance Eyes

Mix Blush Compact Illuminance

Lip Lustres

Nail Lacquer N


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love all of those eyeshadows! They're neutral but sooo pretty!

カロリイン said...

Hihi, how have u been? Thanks for the great update! :)
the eyeshadow casing are prettier than previous releases. However, #03 and #04 looks close to Amber Glaze and Gem Amethyst...


Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, heard about your site through MUA and I must say your site is awesome!

Got a question for you, what's the difference between Seductive, Brilliance, and Illuminance eyes anyway? I want to try out the JS e/s but don't know which to go with, haha. I'm definitely trying to get the mix blush in 101 though!

Haru said...

Hi dark nyx,

thanks for stopping by! I haven't seen Illuminance Eyes in person so I can't really comment on what it's like except that each palette contains four sparkley, shimmery powder eyeshadows just like Brilliance Eyes.

Seductive Eyes has 1 cream eyeshadow, that is supposed to act as the base, and 3 powder eyeshadows with varying intensities of shimmer. The Seductive Eyes palettes are generally not as shimmery as the Brilliance Eyes palettes but both series have a good variety of wearable color combinations, although they do tend to feature a lot of pinks and purples. I will be reviewing the Illuminance Eyes palettes as soon as I get them!

Hey Carolyn,
good to hear form you! I've been well, thanks! Illuminance Eyes #4 looks like the most interesting in the series with its grey/royal purple/mint green combination so I'm definitely getting that! But #3 Brocade Gold does look too similar to the brown palettes in the Seductive and Brilliance Eyes series so I'll be skipping that.

I'm just too addicted to Jill Stuart's pretty packaging! Are you getting anything from this collection?

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting such great pics! most of the e/s shades looks similar to the previous collections but I am sure I will end up with something! thank goodness, they are not LE :D

Haru said...

Hey Michelle,

they may not be LE but I'm seriously tempted to get all of them at one go! Currently, I've just asked me friend to help me buy #1 and #4. Still trying to hold strong against the rest so that I'll have something to get on my next trip to Tokyo.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying! Looking forward to the review! =]

カロリイン said...

Hi Iris, I am definitely getting them, especially #01 and #05! =) Their packaging is so hard to resist. I agree, I am definitely skipping #03. Is #05 an LE?

Haru said...

Hey Carolyn,

#5 is limited edition and I read on 2Channel that it sold out on the first day of release, even faster than the Mix Blush Compact Illuminance! That was surprising but I guess Japanese ladies really love pinks and browns. Good luck getting it!

カロリイン said...

Hi Iris,

#04 is better choice. Just got my friend to test them and CP #04 over. ;)

Anonymous said...

hi! first time leaving a comment. i love jill stuart cosmetics! the packagaing just seems too pretty. however, in my past 2 visits to tokyo i was unable to find them at those pharma shops which usually have most brands. can you tell me where its available?

Haru said...


Jill Stuart is only available in department stores and it is not sold in drugstores or pharmacies. The list of shops is available on the JS official website.

In Tokyo, Jill Stuart is available at:
1. Odakyu and Takashimaya department stores in Shinjuku

2. Tokyu and Seibu department stores in Shibuya

3. Seibu department store in Ikebukuro

4. Seibu department store in Yurakucho

5. Matsuya department store in Ginza

6. Daimaru department store in Tokyo station.

That's not the complete list of stores in Tokyo but these are the easiest ones to find as they are all near/at major train stations. Good luck finding it!