Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Coffret D'Or A/W '08 Base Makeup

Coffret D'Or will be releasing a new line of base makeup for Fall/Winter '08 on 1 September. The line is designed to have deep moisturising benefits in order to combat skin dryness during the fall/winter seasons. Formulated with "Moist Layer ingredients" and "Shining Moist Powder" to help maintain the moisture level while enhancing the translucent look of skin to give you that glow from within.

1. Beauty Essence Pact SPF23 PA++: 7 shades
2. Pact Foundation Case (2008AW)
3. Beauty Essence Gel Foundation SPF17 PA++: 7 shades
4. Beauty Essence Veil: Makeup primer
5. Makeup Pressed Powder
6. Blend Color Blush: 3 shades
7. Powder Case: can be used for the Blend Color Blush or Pressed Powder
8. Powder Puff

The ad campaign will feature Shibasaki Kou and Tokiwa Takako with the tagline "Debuting. Visibly moisturised skin." (it sounds better in Japanese!)

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