Thursday, 17 July 2008

Jill Stuart Illuminance Collection

More pics of Jill Stuart's Illuminance collection from Bea's Up! From the pics, it looks like the eyeshadows in the Illuminance Eyes quads are of a uniform texture, like the Brilliance Eyes, which is great as I thought the matte cream shades in the Seductive Eyes quads were less than impressive. I'll probably be getting Illuminance Eyes #1, #2 and #4. The dark purple Nail Lacquer N #25 also looks promising!


Anonymous said...

The items you are interested in are exactly what I am going to buy :)

I also like that this time the e/s palettes are all in powder form,unlike the previous release.

Haru said...

Hey rocking chick,

thanks for stopping by! Glad to see that we have the same taste! My friend in Tokyo just managed to reserve all my items for me, including the two Mix Compact Blush Illuminance and I'm totally over the moon about that :-) Can't wait to get them!