Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Esprique Precious Fall '08

Esprique Precious' fall collection will debut on 21 August in Japan. The star product of the collection is Dress On Moist Rouge, a new intensely hydrating lipstick in 10 shades. The collection also features a move away from the usual pink packaging towards a more elegant pearly white with rhinestones, which for me is reminiscent of T'Estimo's packaging.

The original spokesmodel, Gemma Ward, will be replaced by Karen Elson. I'm quite surprised by the choice of Elson, a 29-year old British model who is famous for being one of the few redhead supermodels. I can't really picture Elson having mass appeal to Japanese women as Elson has more of a offbeat, quirky image compared to the blonde Ward with her baby face features. But perhaps Esprique Precious is taking a leaf from Maquillage's play book after Maquillage chose to feature fellow Brit Agyness Deyn in its fall campaign.


Unknown said...

hi haru,

how do i buy Esprique Precious and have them delivered in Sg?

Haru said...

Hi Michelle,

you can try ordering from websites such as ichibankao.com, adambeauty.com, bobodave.com where you can pay by Paypal. But do shop around as their prices and selection do differ.