Thursday, 3 July 2008

Lavshuca Fall '08

Pics of Lavshuca's fall collection due out on 1 August.

1. Grade Color Select: 2 new shades in PK2 (metallic pink x purple) and GD1 (metallic gold, silver and bronze) (1680yen)

2. Dual Prism Eyes: 8 eyeshadow duos(1365yen)

PK1, BU1

BR1, BR2

GN1, GN2

PU1, SV1

3. Color Conc Rouge: 2 new shades PK3 and RS2 (1260yen)

4. Rouge Star Classics: 11 shades (1575yen)

5. Creamy Liquid Foundation: 5 shades, SPF25 PA++ (1995yen)

6. Eyebrow Pencil N: BR1, LB1 and DB1 (840yen)
7. Eyeliner Pencil N: BK1 and BR1 (840yen)
8. Liquid Pen Eyeliner: BK1 and BR1 (1050yen)

9. Powder Compact Eyebrow: BR1 and LB1 (1260yen)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing :) The colors of the new palettes are really dull ... :/ I hope that the other lines will come up with more exciting shades.

Haru said...

Hey girl!

Thanks for stopping by! My sentiments exactly about this collection. I don't understand why Lavshuca is playing it so safe with their color choices, which have been really boring this year except for the summer palettes. The only thing I'm interested in checking out from this collection is the new foundation.