Friday 25 July 2008

Magie Decorte Christmas Coffret

Anyone else already bored with the fall makeup collections and looking ahead to Christmas? If so, here are some pics of the Magie Decorte Christmas coffret set for Holiday'08 from 2Channel. The set, which will retail for 6300yen, includes a Fairy Powder, Fairy Eyes GD040 (liquid eyeshadow) and Fairy Gloss RO660.


Kathi said...

hehehe...bored with the Fall collections LOL

That coffret looks really nice! I got last year's one and it was alright but the 2008 one looks better =D

the Muse said...

bored as snore with the Japanese Collections :(


last few seasons have really threw me.


Here's to wishes of great Christmas releases!

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,

I agree, the pink face powder looks interesting!

Hey Izzy girl!
Wow, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment when you're so swamped. I'm actually still trying to make up my mind what to get from the fall collections as so many look so yummy to me, even brands that I usually avoid like Dior and Estee Lauder. Yup, you read that, right! I have a thing for chocolate and candy-themed collections... it's sad, I know. I just got the catalog from Voce magazine and have been poring over it endlessly. Argh...decisions decisions!

Christmas is usually a disappointment for me and I'm more interested to know what will come out for spring since those are usually when the Japanese brands do massive releases.

Postpet2 said...

Hi Iris,

do you know when does christmas coffret launch in japan?

Postpet2 said...

Hi Iris,

A little OT. Are you able to tell when does xmas coffret sets launch in japan?

Haru said...


the Xmas coffret sets are usually released in November but for some brands like Lunasol, reservations can start as early as October. The dates vary depending on the individual brand of course. The Magie Decorte coffret will be released in November but I'm not sure of the exact date.