Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Kiss Eye Prism Gradation

I picked up Kiss Eye Prism Gradation #5 Aquarium when I was in Tokyo recently. I wore it for the first time today and overall, it's not a great winner for me but it's not too bad. I would rate it 3 stars out of 5.

First, the positive points. The colors look lovely in the pan, especially the shimmery navy and the shimmery seafoam mint. The texture of the eyeshadows is fairly soft and silky, and they were a breeze to apply and blend with the included sponge tip applicator. The colors are easy to wear as they are not too loud or bright. I liked how they looked on my skintone (MAC NC20).

But on the minus side, the lasting power left very much to be desired. I applied them at 9am and by the early afternoon, they had faded such that the blue and green were no longer as intense as before. Instead, the blue shade had faded into what looked like a greyish black and the mint shade had lost most of its pretty green tone! I did a quick touch-up and it looked as good as before. In addition, the eyeshadows apply sheer at first and require quite a bit of layering for greater intensity.

So overall, it's not too bad for the cost (1680yen) as you get 4 generously sized eyeshadow pans that are easy to apply and which complement one another very well but you will definitely need a good eyeshadow primer. And even then, you may need to touch up after a few hours as the intensity of the shades does not last well. I found the shade combination and texture of the eyeshadows to be similar to Majolica Majorca's Majolook Trick On GR741 but the Majolook definitely had better lasting power and color payoff. Unfortunately the Majolook GR741 was limited edition and no longer available. The Kiss Eye Prism Gradation is also more convenient to carry with you on the go as it comes with a mirror under the lid, which the Majolook palettes lack.

The Kiss Eye Prism Gradation #5 Aquarium is not a must-have and I probably won't be getting any of the other palettes in this series. The Kiss Eye Prism Gradation palettes have an average rating of 3.9 stars (out of 7) on Cosme.net.

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