Friday, 11 July 2008

New Products from Canmake

Canmake just released a small collection of new products on 5 July in Japan, the most interesting of which is the Gel Eyeliner which comes in a nifty little bottle that has its own brush, unlike other gel eyeliners which usually come in a small pot and the brush is separate. There are currently only 5 reviews on for it but most are positive, with an average rating of 4 stars out of 7. Strangely, the Canmake website has yet to be updated.

1. Gel Eyeliner: waterproof eyeliner in 3 shades (924yen)
2. Eyebrow Liquid: 3 shades (525yen)
3. Eye Nuance: #21 Royal Blue (609yen)
4. Powder Cheeks PW23 Peach Pink (577yen)

Also due out on 12 August is a new limited edition fragrance, Juiceful Peach (1575yen, 30ml) and a new Curl Visualize Mascara WP (2 shades, 840yen).

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