Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Jill Stuart Fall '08

Check out this Chinese blog for pics of Jill Stuart's fall '08 collection, Illuminance to be released in August. The collection includes:

1. 5 new eyeshadow quads in #1 Jewel Dress, #2 Fantastic Light, #3 Brocade Gold, #4 Aqua Crystal and #5 Flash Veil. All appear to be permanent except #5.

2. 3 new Lip Lustres in #22 Vintage Metal, #23 Blinging Pink (cute name!) and #24 Cocoa Red.

3. 5 new shades of Nail Lacquer N in #21 Beaming Cherry, #22 Misty Flash, #23 Tiny Tutu, #24 Romantic Gem and # 25 Midnight Dazzle

4. 2 Mix Compact Blushes in #101 Platinum Illuminance and #102 Gold Illuminance. Both are limited edition and bound to be highly sought-after.

It's great that Jill Stuart is releasing more eyeshadow quads since these are almost always of outstanding quality. When seen in real life at the counter under the bright counter lights, they never fail to dazzle because of their high sparkle factor and intense pigment levels. But once again, it's the usual array of pink, purple, brown and gold themed color combinations that is getting to be somewhat boring. Yes, Japanese ladies go nuts for pinks and browns and I'm sure Kose will make truckloads of cash from this release as they always do but one has to wonder if the creatives at Jill Stuart don't get tired of coming out with the same colors every season? It's also a pity that Jill Stuart has not been releasing more new shades of its Jelly Eye Color.


Kathi said...

Exactly my thoughts when I saw those pics... Big yawn for the color combinations. So repetitive! I wanna see a bright jewel color palette! I will probably still get 1 or 2 of the new quads =) But they have to get more innovative!

Anonymous said...

hi haru, have you any idea if nars orgasm is code number 4029 in japan?

Anonymous said...

WOW! The platinium and gold blushers looks pretty exciting to me! Altho' the eyeshadow color combis are not new, I am sure I will end up with a few quads :P

Haru said...

Sorry, I'm not sure of the number for Nars Orgasm blush in Japan. The Nars counters usually keep a list of the English names so if you can always ask the SAs to check.