Sunday, 20 July 2008

Kose Happy Bath Day

Kose will launch a revamped version of their Happy Bath Day Precious Rose line of bath products on 21 August. Formulated with ingredients such as Bulgarian damask rose honey and rose hip oil, the new fruit rose-scented line features a comprehensive range of products for hair and body.

1. Shampoo N (1050yen, 300ml)
2. Conditioner N (1050yen, 300ml)
3. Hair Pack N (1260yen, 220g)
4. Curl Lotion (1050yen, 200ml)

5. Hair Wax (Shiny): (1050yen, 48g)
6. Hair Wax (Nuance Arrange): (1050yen, 48g)

7. Hair Cologne N (1050yen, 100g)
8. Hair Spray (Soft Keep) (1050yen, 160g)

9. Body Soap N (1050yen, 300ml)
10. Cleansing Sheet: Makeup-removing sheets (399yen, 10 sheets)
11. Fragrance Soap N (210yen, 80g)
12. Mist Cologne N: with notes of rose, cassis, berry, dry amber and musk (1050yen, 50ml)

13. Lip Balm: (630yen, 5g)
14. Essence Butter: body moisturising cream (1260yen, 150g)

15. Milky Body Gel N: body moisturiser (1260yen, 200ml)
16. Body Powder N: pink body powder (1890yen, 35g)
17. Bath Set: single use sachets of the body soap, shampoo, conditioner and milky body gel (357yen)


Anonymous said...

oooh do you know when they'll be coming to Singapore?

Haru said...

Hi Eliza,
I'm afraid I don't know when these will be launched in Singapore. Hopefully it'll be soon after the Japan release!

Anonymous said...

ok thanks! i wish we had more jap beauty stuff here in sing. :)

Anonymous said...

I just saw these products selling at John Little in Marina Square.

Anonymous said...

i love the smell of the precious rose of my co-worker is so mesmerized at the smell when i 1st sprayed it.but don't put too much coz it has a strong fragrance.