Thursday, 3 July 2008

Lunasol Fall '08

More pics of Lunasol's Fall '08 collection due out on 22 August in Japan.

Noble Shade Eyes: #1 Light Variation and #2 Deep Variation

#3 Red Variation and #4 Yellow Variation

#5 Blue Green Variation

Noble Shade Liner: #1 Noble Black and #2 Khaki Brown

#3 Reddish Brown

Coloring Cheeks: #1 Reddish Beige and #2 Reddish Pink


Kathi said...

The only things grabbing my attention are the blushes. The eye palettes look all unwearable for me. But Lunasol palettes look better IRL so will see how they look when first pics start to pop up =D

Anonymous said...

The only palette that really caught my eye is the blue-green one. The others are abit blah. The reddish blush does look pretty but oh so pricey for the case!

Haru said...

Nothing in this collection has really caught my attention as it looks a bit too muted for my tastes which run towards the more sparkly and dramatic collections like the Geminate Eyes.

Lunasol's blushes are crazily expensive once you include the cost of the case and brush. The total cost blush refill, case and brush is 5250yen, same as one of their eyeshadow palettes! I'd much rather pay 4725yen for Jill Stuart's Mix Compact Blush.