Friday, 4 July 2008

RMK Fall '08

RMK's fall collection will be released on 22 August in Japan. What's interesting is that the collection is supposed to be a modern, stylish spin on "'80s Colors" such as brown, rose and coral. It includes:

1. Nail Color N: 3 new shades (2310yen)
2. Gloss Lips: 3 new shades (2310yen)
3. Irresistable Lips C: 4 new shades (3150yen)
4. Jelly x Powder Cheeks: 3 limited edition palettes (3990yen)
5. Jelly x Powder Eyes: 6 limited edition duos (3990yen)
6. Eyeshadow Tip L (1680yen)
7. Eyeshadow Brush & Tip (2730yen)

1 comment:

Kathi said...

That nail color looks pretty! I am not so much an RMK fan but they have some nice items from time to time =D